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Staying on Weight Watchers at a sad time

This has been a horrible, sucky, no good, miserable week. On Monday, our kitty, Calvin, who was 15 years young and kinda came with our house, passed away suddenly. So much sadness. He was our baby and we loved him so much. And we miss him. I even miss him begging for my food, which since I’ve been on Weight Watchers, I will admit, I’ve been a little reluctant to share. But don’t worry. He always got something. He was very cute when he was begging. He’d tap my arm with his little paw and stare at me until I had to give in. I came home at lunch on Monday to give him his canned food treat, and he was fine. When my daughter got home from work a couple of hours later, he had passed. We are grateful that he didn’t suffer, but we’d be much happier if he was still around.

I’ve managed through the past couple of days, even though I’ve been really upset, to stay in points on WW. It’s a triumph in a really bad time. A couple of months ago, I would have eaten my way through my grief. This week though, I’ve managed to stay on track and I even went walking tonight. It actually made me feel a little better.

Nothing can bring back my itty bitty kitty man. But at least I haven’t lost myself in food to try to feel better.

I hope the scale is kind tomorrow as a result.

Weight Watchers Dedication

I weigh in at Weight Watcher’s tonight. And I had a pretty good week. So I just turned down ice cream cake at an office celebration for someone getting married. Now, you don’t know me, but for me, this is HUGE!

It’s a proud moment. And I’ll reward myself with pizza after my weigh-in tonight!