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Weight Watchers Relationship Update

So after much soul searching yesterday and a long conversation with my Weight Watchers online point tracker last night….we cried, we laughed, we reminisced about the good times and tried to figure out where things started going wrong…I decided that, overall, the relationship has been good for me and deserves another chance. Besides, just once, I’d like to get to lifetime member at Weight Watchers. That would be cool.

However, I am taking a little vacation. We need some time away from each other to sort out the issues and recommit to the long-term goals. I’ve gotten too caught up in the day-to-day details and it’s making things difficult.

So after weighing in this morning— I lost the same .8 pounds I gained last week so I’m back to my weight of two weeks ago— I’m not weighing in again for two weeks. The home scale is going in the closet (or I may have hubby hide it where I can’t find it) and I’m not checking my weight until August 27 at Weight Watchers.

I’m also taking a break from points again. I’ll continue to track my food, but I’m going to focus more on the quality of the food I eat (I’ve gotten much better about this in the past month or so) than on the points.

Still, however, when I have two points left and it’s a choice between a WW chocolate chip cookie or a yogurt, the cookie always wins. When I take the points away, I’ll eat the yogurt because that’s what I really want and I know I can have the cookie if I want it later. Then I don’t always even eat the cookie. It’s surprising to me that even though I know this, I slip back into this behavior all the time. And that’s the thing that I really need to change.

So we’re on hiatus, me and Weight Watchers. Just for two weeks to see how it goes. I know on my part, there’ll be lots of yearning (to track those points and step on that scale), but for Weight Watchers, well it has so many others to tend to, I’m sure I won’t be missed too much.

These next two weeks, I’ll be focusing on my triathlon training, feeling good about how far I’ve come, finding some balance and being happy with me again as I am right now. I’ve let the struggles with the scale get in the way of that. I may even finally get to that Pilates class.

After all, when I started this journey this time, I promised myself it wasn’t going to be about the numbers. It was about getting healthy. I’ve accomplished that and that needs to remain the focus.

Thank you to all my twitter and blogging friends for your input and insight. It really helped so much!


So this week I threw my points to the wind, sort of, and decided instead to concetrate on what types of food I’ve been eating. Remember, I’ve been at a plateau now pretty much for the last three months.

I went pretty far over points on Thursday and Saturday. Not great on Friday either. I return to counting points on Sunday though. Here’s the thing. After my frustration with the scale on Thursday this week, I decided (when I finally let it go) that this week would not be about counting points and it would not be about losing weight. WHAT?, you say? Has she gone over the edge?

Nope. I feel like I’ve been letting my frustration with my “weight” really take away from all the healthy changes I’ve been making. I’m thinking my obsession with what the scale says could even be one of the reasons I’m not losing. So I decided to stop letting the scale rule.

Instead, I chose to pay attention to the quality of the food I was eating and enjoy it, even the Godiva chocolates. [Side note: my hubby and I took a lovely ride into Greenport on Saturday to hang down by the docks, look wistfully at the boats, and walk around the quaint little town. We ended up in a store called Sweet Indulgences, where they sold…wait for it….candy, among other things. I bought three Godiva truffles and enjoyed every last bite. No guilt. Not even a little.]

I am a self-confessed snacker though and I tend to eat lower-point meals sometimes to fit in my “treats.” So this weekend, instead of focusing on points, I re-evaluated what I was eating instead of the point value. I realized I was eating a little too much bread and maybe not enough lean protein. I actually cooked this weekend, a lot. Bay scallops, rice with cream sauce, barbecued chicken, fresh veggies… Saturday night I even had real ice cream!

I paid attention to my portions and cooked healthfully and I continue to track everything. I made some easy changes and have been choosing better quality snacks (grapes instead of a weight watchers cookie for example). Although if I want it, I’ll still have the WW cookie. I’m paying attention to my actual, physical hunger and trying to decipher what my body is craving. Mindful eating? I realized I’d become a Weight Watchers robot, eating the same things at the same time every day, focusing only on not going over those points.

I don’t know if it was the boost in points over the weekend or the changes in WHAT I’m eating, but the scale seems to be moving in the right direction. I’ll let you know how that goes on Thursday when I weigh in.

In the meantime, even when I wasn’t checking the scale (I managed to stay off of it from Thursday through Monday) I felt less anxious about my food intake and just better in general.

It’s also home stretch for triathlon training. Three weeks to go! The healthier food choices will definitely have a positive impact on my performance on race day!

Weight Watchers Strategy

I had a really good week this past week. I stayed in points, ate healthy, exercised a lot. I am now even able to run an entire 2.5 mile stretch without walking. I feel like a kid with a new toy (my own legs!).

But I was up 2 pounds at my Weight Watchers weigh-in last night. And while normally I moan and groan about losing slow or gains that I can’t attribute to a huge backyard BBQ, I’m ok with last night’s gain. Why? Why would a 2-lb gain be acceptable you ask? Because it’s all part of a strategy to get past this semi-plateau I’ve been in for the past two months. When I started Weight Watchers, my meetings were at night. Thursdays before weigh in, I’d pretty much stay low in points (however, I don’t starve myself), so I’d see good results. And then I’d go have pizza and Pro-portion ice cream, and on occasion, be even more decadent. Yum! My treat for working hard all week.

A couple of months ago, however, my work schedule went wonky and there was no way I was getting to a 6:30 pm WW meeting, and I couldn’t hold out with no food. So I started weighing in in the morning. The first couple of weeks, “Yippee!” good losses and that was out of the way. And then came the decimal point. I would stay the same or lose small fractions of a pound and this has been going on for awhile. I know the body has to adjust. I know there are hormonal fluctuations and I had those things pretty much figured out in my previous six months on the plan. But this new really slow weight loss was unusual. What was I doing wrong? I wasn’t doing anything really different. And if anything, I had less points and I was upping the exercise as I get better at it.

Granted, there were those weeks (birthdays and such) where no loss or even a gain was warranted. But every week, these little bits? Frustrating.

And it dawned on me. Weighing In in the morning had liberated me and my evening after Weigh-In Treat was becoming an all-day Food Free-for-All, especially on days I was particularly frustrated with the scale. And if I happened to jump on the scale on Friday morning, any loss and then some would be back. So I’ve been effectively losing 2 pounds a week. It’s just the same 2 pounds over and over again.

The Point. I went back to night Weigh-Ins to curb the Thursday Endless Treat day. I was up. But this morning, I weighed myself and I was the same weight I was yesterday morning. Phew! If I lose two pounds this week, I’ll at least be starting from a lower weight and maybe I’ll even see it at my next weigh in.

In the meantime, I’m also going to take some of the scale’s power away. I need to weigh in to stay accountable. But for this week at least, I’m going to measure my success more in miles I run, meters I swim and actually doing the Pilates DVD I picked up a couple of weeks ago. Hopefully, the scale will reward my effort. If not, I’ll take solace in the fact that I’m getting stronger.

And then I can always weigh in the next week in the morning. I’m guaranteed to lose at least two pounds that way. tee hee!!

Back to Weight Watchers Basics

weight watchers trackerI took today off from my official Weight Watchers weigh-in. It wasn’t a great week. In fact, while I’ve been losing most weeks, it’s much slower than it had been for the past two months or so. So today, I decided to look into what the problem might be.

First, I’ve been tracking online instead of in my little WW tracker from meetings for the past couple of months. I don’t know if it’s laziness, not having access to the computer at all points or the thought that my food diaries are now out there for the world to see, but I found that I was kind of cheating on the tracking. Logging breakfast and lunch and forgetting dinner…. or snacks or BLTs (bites, licks and tastes).  I have still been keeping track in my head but lately, I’ve been slipping a little more it seems each day.

Since I have a bazillion of those little trackers, which I get at weigh-ins each week (really it’s only like 20 but they just seem to be everywhere….), I’m going to start tracking the old-fashioned way again, and I’ll be making sure my little tracker is with me everywhere.

Second, as I’ve lost, I’ve also lost points, which I know is how we actually lose weight. But for some reason, this last point– I’m now down to 21 points– is incredibly difficult. And while I exercise regularly enough that I get about 4 points a day and I know I have my 35 weekly points, when I go over 21 points, I feel like I’m cheating and I tend to sabotage myself even further. And then, on the two days before weigh-in where I usually skimp a bit on points, I’m not making it below the 21-point level either. It’s getting frustrating.

This may be all psychological on my part, but my experiment this week is to go back up to 23 points (which felt the most manageable). I’ll deduct them from my 35 points each week, but I think by allowing myself the two extra points each day, I’ll feel like I have a bit more control again.

I’m curious to see if my little experiments will speed up my weight loss again. I’ve had a lot more patience with myself this weight loss journey because I know it has to be my lifestyle, but at the same time, I’d like to lose this last 25 pounds in less time than it took to lose the first 50.

I’m curious. On weight watchers, do you find tracking on paper or tracking online easier?

Fiber One Keeps Giving Us More Reasons To Love Them!

fiberonemuffins1I was in Sam’s Club yesterday, picking up my Weight Watcher’s diet staples (and of course the staples my family enjoys as well), when in the frozen breakfast food aisle, where we were buying Jimmy Dean’s Turkey Sausage/Egg White Sandwiches (4 points), I spied something new.

Fiber One now offers Blueberry Muffins…. with 7 grams of fiber. Hallelujah, praise be to…. !!!! I miss muffins. I love muffins, and until now, I’ve avoided them because I know they are cake disguised as breakfast food.

Ok, so here’s the deal: Fiber One Blueberry muffins are medium sized– not like the ones you’d get at Dunkin’ Donuts, but substantially larger than the three teeny ones combined you get in the hostess 100-cal snack packs. They are 170 calories, 4 grams of fat and 7 grams of fiber, 28% of your daily recommended amount. 3 points! 3 little points my WW friends!

And they are yummy. Loaded with blueberries, moist like a muffin should be and with a crunchy oat
granola on top. They come frozen, so you can thaw them or you can heat them up in the microwave or the toaster oven, which I chose for my muffin this morning. Not only did it taste amazing, it smelled really wonderful too. I paired my muffin with WW Vanilla Yogurt for a 4-point breakfast, and I was surprisingly full. I actually spoon a little yogurt onto my muffin as I’m eating it. It’s a guilt-free decadently tasty treat. I love Fiber One!

So Sam’s Club is the first place I’ve seen these. They come 12 to a box for under $7, and they are in the frozen breakfast food aisle. I haven’t seen them in my local supermarket as of yet, but I wasn’t looking for them. They may be there too. Totally worth searching out in my opinion. On the Fiber One website, you can check them out. They come in Blueberry & Oats (the one I tried), Apple Cinnamon Bun, Mixed Fruit, Nuts & Honey, and Banana Chocolate Chip. What more can we ask for????

On another note,I lost .8 this week. I worked really hard and I would have liked that number to be a little higher but I wasn’t disappointed because I lost 2.4 the week before. I know next week will be better.

Down 36.2 total, and I’m up to 2.5 minute intervals on my Couch25K running training. It’s all good!