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Tomorrow’s the big day! Trek Women Triathlon, NY

I still was having ambivalent moments about the Trek Women triathlon until today. Some days, I was feeling like it’s going to be great; other days, I wonder what I was thinking. Yesterday, with all of the rain, and rain predicted for tomorrow morning and a 6:30 am start, I wasn’t so sure I’d even go. But, the weather is supposed to be nice now.

So today, I went and picked up my race packet, got my body marked and wandered around a bit. I tried Sports Beans (yum, those will be available tomorrow) and Greek yogurt, which I promptly went out and picked up at the supermarket. Also yum.

I bought a race belt for my race number and Trek Women gave away an awesome T-shirt. Not sure if I’ll be wearing that one tomorrow. My brother also made me an awesome t-shirt on Zazzle and gave that to me last weekend. It says Fat Girl 2 Fit Girl and has a heart with the Japanese symbols for strength and dedication inside. His take on the whole Fat Girl To Fit Girl thing is that it takes heart, strength and dedication to train for and participate in triathlons, especially coming from the unfit state of being I was in. He’s also a triathlete. Wasn’t that sweet? For that reason alone, I would feel awful if I didn’t compete tomorrow.

So I’m ready. I got really pumped at packet pick-up! Everyone was so nice and they talked us through what the race course will be like and where we’ll need to go. I’ve done the pool swim at this venue already so I know what to expect there. I’m going to make sure I pace myself carefully and just have a really good time. And I’ll have pictures and race results as soon as I can. Probably after my diner french fries and my nap!

I want to thank all of you who read this blog and have connected with me on Twitter too! Your encouragement and support as I’ve gotten ready for this race and my first one too has really kept me going, especially on the days I don’t feel like going! You have made the whole triathlon/getting fit experience even more worthwhile! I wish I could have you all with me tomorrow morning. Instead though, I’ll have my hubby to root me on.

I’m off to make my pasta/chicken dinner to get me through my race tomorrow, finish up my laundry and relax a bit before going to bed really early tonight, since I have to be up at 4:30 am. Hopefully I’ll sleep. And the next time I post, I’ll be done! But just for the season. I’m already planning out the triathlons I want to be in come spring!

When I’m 65 …or Thereabouts

In my race on Saturday, one of the things that impressed me the most while I was hobbling through the run, was the  65-year-old woman who passed me. She wasn’t flying but she was moving faster than me. I knew she was 65 because they put our ages on the backs of our leg. And there is no faking it either because you have to produce your license when you register. As I watched her go by, I thought to myself as I picked up my pace, “I am so impressed. I want to still be doing triathlons when I’m 65, and I want to be running the whole way.”

Then I signed up for my next triathlon, The Trek Women Tri, which I’m very excited about because it’s all women. It’s also in September, so I hope it will be a little cooler. It’s a quarter-mile pool swim, 9-mile bike, 3-mile run distances.

The spokesperson for this is Sally Edwards, “a world-class and professional athlete, best-selling author, and inspirational speaker. Sally is the CEO of Heart Zones, USA, a training, education, health club programming, and coaching company. She is the National Spokeswoman for the Trek Women Triathlon Series™ volunteering to finish last in each of the 8 races in 2009 so that no other woman has to,” according to her bio. She participates in all of the triathlons. She’s 61. (courtesy:

If you’re interestsed in the Trek Women Triathlon Series, you can check out their events here.

And then, researching women triathletes just a little more, I found Sister Madonna:

“Dorothy Marie Buder, who became known as the Nun on the Run, was 46 years old and a member of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd when a priest at an Oregon retreat urged her to start running as a form of prayer. In the next 30 years, her prayers included over 50 marathons, 300 triathlons, and a mountain of gold medals.  At Kona in 2006, Sister Madonna won her 12th Ironman Hawaii age group title and, with 57 seconds to spare, pulled off an earthly miracle by finishing Ironman Hawaii at the age of 76.” (courtesy:

It’s never too late to start, right? I’m guessing, after reading about these amazing women, there’s never a time to stop either.