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Countdown To Race Day

This morning, I did my last brick workout before my upcoming Mini Mightyman triathlon on Saturday. I’m as ready as I’m going to be. This morning, though, my training felt really off. It was quite possibly the most humid morning I’ve gone out to train, so I biked 3 and ran two. It was already 74 degrees with 90% humidity at 6:15 am, I hadn’t eaten enough this morning, and I was so overheated, I had to walk twice during the run. I inhaled 32 ounces of water as soon as I walked through the front door.

The last run/bike bricks I’ve done have ended up in a pulled muscle in my hip, so I was kind of babying this one too. I didn’t want to get hurt 3 days before race day. At least today, I didn’t feel the pulling in my hip as much. I think that’s because I finally have the bike positioned correctly (handlebar extensions – six inches of reach that make a HUGE difference!).

Tomorrow I will probably bike one last time (unless it’s rainingin which case I’ll swim) and Friday is a day off to let my muscles recover for race day.

I’d like to finish this race in under an hour, but I will be happy with just the finish. My times should be better there than they’ve been in training: 1) because there are no hills on this course (and there are hills on my training routes that really slow me down on the bike and the run and 2) adrenaline usually helps in these situations. 🙂

I’ve learned a lot and come a long way since my race in April. I’ve trained better for this one and I’m not tapering nearly as much as I did the last time. This is a relatively short race, and it really wasn’t beneficial to take a few days off before the race last time. I have a better handle on what I should be eating and I’ll make sure I have a gel for between the bike and run if it’s really miserably hot out, so I’m fueled and hydrated.

I’m familiar with the run/bike course and we even hit the pool there once to swim. The swim was canceled the last time so that leg and the transition that follows it will be new and interesting. I’m looking most forward to the swim, since I’m confident in my ability in that discipline! I’m certainly not the fastest, but I’m a solid swimmer and I’ve always done well endurance-wise.

I feel ready, and I know my toughest critic will be me. I want to finish respectably. I have to remember that finishing is respectable.

I’m already planning my next race after this. Same park, same pool, longer distances, on Sept. 13. The Trek Women Triathlon Series – 1/4 mile swim, 9 mile bike, 3.1 mile run. All girls. I think that will be huge fun!

They have races all over the country. Check it out here:

Swim, Bike, Run

triathlon123I am not one to exercise for exercise’s sake. Never have been. I needed some sort of motivation other than “It’s good for you.” So I signed up for a triathlon. When I could barely walk a mile, I set my sights on triathlon. The reason? In my vast weight loss knowledge (cause I’ve lost and gained so many pounds so many times before), I know it’s better to vary the exercise routine because it works different muscles, you don’t get bored, etc., etc.

So since I needed something to train for that would give me the motivation to do more than one type of exercise, I picked this multi-sport. Did I mention I’m not really fond of exercise? I figured I can swim, I can bike, and well, even though I couldn’t run at the time, how hard could it be? Boy was I in for a rude awakening.

And my brother is a triathlete, so I had someone to turn to for information.

As I get ready for my first triathlon (I raced back in April but it became a duathlon because of pool problems), I’m so excited to see how far I’ve come. I can actually run two miles  now. I couldn’t in April (not on the road anyway) and I can bike the six and swim the 400 meter distance. I realized though, I’ve been lax in my training up to this point. While I’ve been practicing all three disciplines, I haven’t been doing them enough together, mostly because of time constraints. I can tell you from my first experience, running after a six-mile bike ride is a whole lot more difficult than just running for running’s sake. I don’t care how slow you go. Off the bike, jello legs tend to make that first half mile of a run a doozy.

So for the next three and a half weeks (the time before my next race on August 1st, I will be training all three segments close together through the week, with bricks (bike and run together, swim and bike together, you get the idea) on the weekends where I have more time. Last night I ran, despite all kinds of delays (didn’t actually get out on the road until 7:45 pm). I had biked the night before and I was determined to run to work those muscles in succession.

This morning, I swam. Tonight I bike. Tomorrow morning, I run. Tomorrow night, I collapse. It’s the way the race goes. Swim. Bike. Run. Collapse.

By themselves, I extend my distances because someday soon, I’d like to do longer races, but the plan is to get the muscles working in the right order. It’s much easier to get in a pool and swim after a run than the other way around.

I’m glad I chose triathlons as a place to start. I know they aren’t for everyone. But even if I never competed in a race, it pushed me to train in several different exercises, I think giving me a good balance and helping to prevent injuries. Besides, after this 5Ks may feel easy.

My first race is the Mini Mighty Man Sprint in Eisenhower Park, East Meadow, NY, August 1. It’s powered by if you’re interested in something like this. They offer a bunch of different races at all levels.

This starter tri is a 400-meter swim, 6-mile bike, 2-mile run. Wish me luck. I’ll need it!

By the way, I don’t look nearly as fierce as the triathletes in the picture!