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Triathlon Trek Women Race Day Rocked!

In my Fat Girl 2 Fit Girl shirt, holding my medal to the side! Nice red face.

In my Fat Girl 2 Fit Girl shirt, holding my medal to the side! Nice red face.

Race Day Rocked! I’ve finally awoken from my post-race french fry coma and am coherent enough (I hope) to put a blog post together!

As of last night, I still wasn’t 100% sure I wanted to compete today. By last night, I knew I would be competing but my nerves were a bit jangly (there comes a point where there’s just no turning back). I had to get up super-early and the weather was still a little iffy for this morning. I ate a nice big plate of pasta and chicken, got my race gear ready and hit the bed at 9:30 last night so I’d be bright-eyed at 4:30 this morning, when I had to get up. It would have been nice if I could have slept. But, worrying about waking up had me up ever 20 minutes or so all night.

I ate my English muffin this morning, got dressed, and loaded up the car with hubby (can I just say how great he is to get up that early and go to these things with me? It’s so nice too to see that familiar face when you’re coming in on the bike and the run!). Made sure I had all my gear and my chip, etc. All set and we headed out in the dark over to Eishenhower Park, a 45-minute ride.

As I was bringing my bike into the transition area aroun 5:50, they were already announcing that they wanted to start lining us up for the swim, so I quick got my stuff ready, grabbed my swim cap and goggles and headed to the pool. It was a little chilly this morning to be romping around in just a bathing suit, but I had my nerves to keep me warm! Once in the pool area though, I started chatting with all the other women competing and nerves turned to excitement as everything got underway. While we were lining up in number order, Sally Edwards was giving an inspirational speech to get us pumped. Unfortunately, the sound was bouncing off the walls and we couldn’t make out a word she said. We cheered anyway!

They actually lined us up in the pool, about 10 at a time and had us start 10 seconds apart. This was better than jumping in the pool at the last race, but the water was mighty cold. Gets you going!

I even passed a few women in the swim part of the race this morning. I had a good strong swim and shaved 9 seconds off my first time. My shoulder didn’t get twingy once. In triathlon swims (pool or open water), having to pick your head up to see where the other swimmers are so you don’t get knocked out slows things down. Overall though it was smooth race and I felt good getting out of the water.

I promised myself this morning that I would pace. At the last race, I pushed hard in the swim and the bike and had nothing left for the run. I was determined today to RUN the run, all 3.1 miles of it! And I did it!


I ran slow, but there was no walking. That in and of itself was a triumph for me and made this a crazy-good race!

After the swim, T1 took me 3.19. Again, socks, wet feet… a little tricky. But I pulled my clothes on, ate some Sports Beans from Jelly Belly (love those!!), took a swig of water and set out on my bike. The sky was brightening and while the road was still a little wet from last night, there was no rain this morning. The ride was smooth, well-marked and went pretty well. I realized when I got on the road that my front tire was a little low, but it was ok. A pretty strong breeze kicked up on the fourth loop, but the course was flat and it wasn’t too bad. Total bike time for 9 miles was 39.42 (averaged 13.5 mph). The bike is a leg I still really need to work on, but I was pleased with finishing the 9 miles in under 40 minutes. That was my goal.

The run. Ah, what can I say about the run? I RAN IT!

Racked the bike back in T2, ate some more Sports Beans and drank another swig of water and hit the porta-potty before heading out of T2 (2.34 cause of the pee break). It made all the difference though when I headed out for the run and I was so grateful for the bathroom, as disgusting as it was). You would think, all women, clean potties….nah. I guess everyone was rushing. I would have liked it, but there was no sitting in that thing.

I started the run really slow, like turtle slow, but I knew if I was going to make the 3.1 miles, it was a must. At least I was running or using that motion anyway. For the first mile, my legs were still lead and I had a little trouble regulating my breathing. When we got to the first water stop at mile 1 (seriously I think it was more like 1.5 miles), I was starting to get my rhythm back. I tried to take water there, but kind of spilled it all over myself. I’m not coordinated enough to run and drink at the same time.

There was one woman right alongside me the whole time who would walk a bit (I’d pass her) then she’d run and pass me and then she’d walk and I’d pass her again. I ended up coming in ahead of her in the end, and since I was the runner/walker in my last race, this felt kind of good.

Lots of other women passed me on the run, but that was ok because my run today was for me. A lot of women also had iPods which we were told were a no-no. I would have loved to have my music with me, but I didn’t. Maybe next time.

Mile two seemed to go by a bit faster than mile 1, and there was another water stop. I actually stopped for a second here to take a swig of water so I’d get it in my mouth and then ran on again. By mile three, I had my legs back, my breathing was normal again and I picked up my pace a little more. There was a downhill, and I love to run faster on those but my knees were not having any of that so I had to keep that a little slower than I’d have liked. All through the run, I kept hearing Sally’s voice from yesterday saying to remember that “Slow is fast.”

Once I got to the downhill, the music was blasting and you could hear people cheering on the ladies crossing the finish line so it was easy to pick it up and rock it into the chute. As I crossed the finish line I was high-fived by Sally Edwards herself! A brush with celebrity. She gave me a hug and told me I was an awesome triathlete when I went over to thank her for her inspiration too.

My run time was a bit slower than I’ve been in training, but that was ok. 37.49 for 3.1 miles, which paced out to a 12.36 pace. I’ll take it. It’s better than the 13.26 pace in the last race where there was lots of walking.  And there’s plenty of time now to get faster before next season.

Post-race, hubby and I stuck around for a bit, cheering other ladies across the finish line. I ran to get a banana at the food tent (I was starving!). They weren’t posting splits so I decided to head home, get a shower and something to eat.

But I should have stayed! I found out when I checked splits today that I actually took third place in my category! I competed in the Athena division (women over 150 pounds) and I came in third! Not sure if there was a prize for that, but I imagine there might have been. Had I stayed for awards, I would have gotten to hear my name called. I never even gave a thought to the fact that I might have raced fast enough to place. Oh well. Next time.

My overall time was 1 hour, 34 minutes, 13 seconds. I came in 148 out of 228 women. I placed 71 in the swim, 138 in the bike and 160 in the run, and I was thrilled with those results.

This race was made up of women of all ages, sizes and abilities and they all rocked it out there on the course. I was so impressed with the feeling of sisterhood and the strength that just poured out in this race. I can’t wait to do it again next year. And next year, they hope to have more than 1,000 competitors like they do in their other more established Trek Women triathlons. If you’re in the NY area, I highly recommend this very cool race.

I’m done for this triathlon season. But I will be training and getting ready for Spring. I already have my next races mapped out. After today, I’m so hooked!

Tomorrow is race day

It’s here! Race day is tomorrow. I went tonight and picked up my registration packet and got my body marked. My number is 59, which I didn’t realize they put on the left arm and right leg in heavy duty magic marker. I feel so official.

Then I came home and stress ate. Not bad stuff but more than I had planned. A cup of macaroni, string beans, a hard boiled egg, an apple and a fudgesicle. I was trying to pay attention to what my body was craving, but I think it was more stress that had me eating and now I’m full right before bed. I suppose that’s not a bad thing. I don’t like to eat before I work out, so hopefully tonight’s fare will keep me energized for tomorrow.

I’m still really anxious about the race. I’m sure I’ll feel this way until its done. Hopefully the adrenaline will make me move faster than I do at workouts.

Bottom line is I’m as ready as I’m going to be. And I have to just keep telling myself that this is just the beginning. I will finish tomorrow. And with each race after this, I’ll get better. After all, I have to start somewhere.

And as of my Thursday Weight Watchers Weigh In, I’m down 50.2 pounds, a full 32 days before my 50th birthday! Can’t beat that.

4 days and counting

So as I mentioned, they changed my race yesterday. It’s no longer a triathlon, it’s a duathlon due to technical difficulties with the pool. And the swimming was my strongest discipline. Oh well.

Anyway, I got up this morning and did the race lengths for my workout: 1 mile run, 6 mile bike, 1 mile run. And it didn’t kill me.

First mile was pretty strong, very little walking. Bike was good too. Second mile was tougher, especially right off the bike, but I completed that one in 13 minutes. And I finished the whole thing in about 54 minutes, transitions and all.

The weather was good this morning. Cloudy, but warmer than it’s been and only a breeze. Hallelujah!

The weather’s supposed to be good on Saturday too. Now that I know I can finish the distances this way, I feel better, and I’m actually looking forward to the race.

I’ve decided to sign up for the June 7 race too. I really want to get this triathlon thing under my belt. That race will be a challenge: 750 meter open water swim, 11-mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. Lots of training in my near future. But that’s a good thing.

I turn 50 in May, and I may just be in the best shape of my life. I still have 20 or so pounds to get rid of, but I’ve already lost 49, and I’m feeling good and strong these days. It’s all good.

I Am Good Enough

This has been a tough week. I am now a victim of the economy, having just received notice of a 10% pay reduction until things turn around, and on a more personal level, I was only down .2 again at WW, two weeks in a row. I know, at least it’s a loss, but I’m a pound away from 50 so I’m a little frustrated.

I started writing a blog post last night, but realized it was really whiny so I scrapped it. I’m feeling sorry for myself, I’ll admit it. And I’ve been feeling “not good enough.” And I have my first triathlon coming in just one week.

It’s raining here this morning so I went to the gym to run and swim. I have to say, I love the treadmill. These last couple of weeks, it has finally gotten warm enough (and light enough in the morning) to run outside, but boy, I hadn’t anticipated how very much different running on the treadmill and running on the road are. I have to do a lot more walking on the road. So getting back on the treadmill this morning and being able to run two miles with only a 1-minute walking break in the middle felt like a triumph. And then I went swimming. It’s brick time! Tomorrow will be biking and running. And it’s supposed to be nice weather so that will be outside.

Anyway, while working out this morning, I found that instead of being proud of how far I’ve come, I realized the little dialogue in my head has been really negative. I’ve been beating myself up for not being further along in my weight loss or training…or for having that brownie when I found out I would be making less money…or for not having seen this work thing coming and staying on top of my home business, which, in hind sight, between working out and working until all hours (big deadlines the last few months), would have been kind of impossible anyway.

My very first triathlon is just one week away. I know I will finish. I certainly won’t be first, but I don’t think I’ll be dead last either. And my goal since I took this on was just to finish. And for this week, the bigger goal is going to be to erase that negative voice that’s been following me around and focus on what I’ve accomplished instead.

I’ve lost 49 pounds. YAY! I can run for a straight mile and a half (on the treadmill). I can run/walk 2 miles in under 27 minutes. I can bike 8 to 9 miles at a clip and it doesn’t kill me anymore. And I can swim 60 25-yard laps without stopping.

When I decided to take on this triathlon (.25 mile swim, 6-mile bike, 2-mile run), I was 28 pounds heavier, I couldn’t run more than a minute at a time, I couldn’t bike more than 2 miles and I could swim 8 laps without stopping and gasping for air.

I’ve come a long way and I’ve done really good things for my body. And I’m proud of myself for that. No more negatives. And when I finish my triathlon next Saturday, whatever the time or amount of walking I have to do, it will be a huge, wonderful victory. And that will be good enough.

And the very next day, I will be signing up for the next one.

Less Than A Month To Go Until First Triathlon Race Day

I have finally gotten through a very crazy-busy work schedule at the  job, and I just returned last night from Chicago, where I attended The Housewares Show. I went to the show on Saturday with the very best of intentions, bringing all of my gym clothes with me, prepared to hit the gym bright and early every morning. But alas, life got in the way. If you’ve never been to a trade show, there is an awful lot of walking involved and it’s pretty exhausting. I didn’t make the gym for the whole three days or today either. Still recovering from not enough sleep and sore feet from walking miles in heels.

Now I have to get back in the swing of things because with just three and a half weeks to go before my race on April 18, I will admit, I’m starting to get a little panicky. The weather is still really cold here on Long Island and I really need to get some outdoor running and biking in. I don’t think they are going to let me run my race on the stationery bike and treadmill.

I’ve been training, albeit slowly, for five months now. Coming from a place of no exercise though, it has been an uphill battle all the way. I’m pretty confident I can finish the triathlon, but I’m finding that the little dialog that goes on in my head has been a little on the negative side and that part of me is wishing I’d waited for the August race so I’d have more time. I suspect though, if I’d waited, when August rolled around, I’d be feeling just like this. This is my first race, ever. I’m excited to be doing it but I’ll admit I’m really anxious too. Maybe that will get the adrenaline flowing and make me run faster? What do you think?

I’m looking forward to getting back to my routine tomorrow. I think once I’m back in the gym, I’ll feel a bit better. In the meantime, I did ok foodwise over the weekend and I’m grateful for that.