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So this week I threw my points to the wind, sort of, and decided instead to concetrate on what types of food I’ve been eating. Remember, I’ve been at a plateau now pretty much for the last three months.

I went pretty far over points on Thursday and Saturday. Not great on Friday either. I return to counting points on Sunday though. Here’s the thing. After my frustration with the scale on Thursday this week, I decided (when I finally let it go) that this week would not be about counting points and it would not be about losing weight. WHAT?, you say? Has she gone over the edge?

Nope. I feel like I’ve been letting my frustration with my “weight” really take away from all the healthy changes I’ve been making. I’m thinking my obsession with what the scale says could even be one of the reasons I’m not losing. So I decided to stop letting the scale rule.

Instead, I chose to pay attention to the quality of the food I was eating and enjoy it, even the Godiva chocolates. [Side note: my hubby and I took a lovely ride into Greenport on Saturday to hang down by the docks, look wistfully at the boats, and walk around the quaint little town. We ended up in a store called Sweet Indulgences, where they sold…wait for it….candy, among other things. I bought three Godiva truffles and enjoyed every last bite. No guilt. Not even a little.]

I am a self-confessed snacker though and I tend to eat lower-point meals sometimes to fit in my “treats.” So this weekend, instead of focusing on points, I re-evaluated what I was eating instead of the point value. I realized I was eating a little too much bread and maybe not enough lean protein. I actually cooked this weekend, a lot. Bay scallops, rice with cream sauce, barbecued chicken, fresh veggies… Saturday night I even had real ice cream!

I paid attention to my portions and cooked healthfully and I continue to track everything. I made some easy changes and have been choosing better quality snacks (grapes instead of a weight watchers cookie for example). Although if I want it, I’ll still have the WW cookie. I’m paying attention to my actual, physical hunger and trying to decipher what my body is craving. Mindful eating? I realized I’d become a Weight Watchers robot, eating the same things at the same time every day, focusing only on not going over those points.

I don’t know if it was the boost in points over the weekend or the changes in WHAT I’m eating, but the scale seems to be moving in the right direction. I’ll let you know how that goes on Thursday when I weigh in.

In the meantime, even when I wasn’t checking the scale (I managed to stay off of it from Thursday through Monday) I felt less anxious about my food intake and just better in general.

It’s also home stretch for triathlon training. Three weeks to go! The healthier food choices will definitely have a positive impact on my performance on race day!

Struggling Through a Plateau

This morning when I got on the scale, it finally budged. I’ve been battling the same two or three pounds for four or five weeks now (I’d stopped counting) and I’ve been more than a little frustrated. This morning I was down two pounds from my weigh in on Thursday, where I was down a mere .2. That’s a total of 43 pounds but I’ve been stuck right there. I’m going to make sure I eat even healthier this week to keep this momentum going.  It just seems so easy to bail when the scale won’t give you any love.

Don’t get me wrong. I know it’s not all about the number on the scale. I’ve been getting in my workouts and feeling stronger and stronger. And even though I’m still a little worried about my race in a month, I know I’ll be able to finish it, even if I do have to walk some of the run.

My clothes are fitting so much better, and people are taking notice. It’s easy though to get lax when everyone is proud of you and the scale doesn’t want to cooperate. I feel like maybe I’m just fine where I am. But I’m at the plateau that got me the last time. I stopped what I was doing when I hit this weight because I felt good and looked better. I figured it was enough. I know this time though that it is not enough. I don’t want to be super-skinny, but I want to be truly fit. And I know that is going to take at least another 20 pounds, preferably 30. I want to feel like I felt before I had kids. I want to know what it’s like to be able to wear anything I want. No layers. Sleeveless maybe even this summer.

My workouts will get easier as I get smaller too, and that will help my race stats.  This first race is just one I want to complete. But going forward, if I want to “compete,” I’ll need to be in top form. And that means staying on track through this plateau and the next until I’m at a weight and size I know is right for me.

Tough Week In WW Land

I started at the gym last week, and I was really excited by how much I was able to do. I also ate really well all week. Stayed right on program, tracked everything I put in my mouth and even went under points on a couple of days….all while working out 4 days in a row.

And then I weighed in on Thursday. Nothing. Not one ounce. I stayed the same. Sigh. And Thanksgiving is coming up. Double sigh.

In my head, I know it will come off, this week, next week (well maybe not next week) but it will come off. Getting on that scale though and not seeing it budge? No matter what my head knows, that’s so frustrating and somewhat defeating.

I don’t mind when the scale stays the same or goes up if there’s a reason, but this was tough. And I know, it could have been worse. Could have been a gain…

And believe me, I’m not working out hard enough for muscle to have replaced the fat already. I’m still banging away at the cardio stuff.

Ok, so here’s the real issue. I’m really, really close to a goal I was hoping to hit before Thanksgiving. That’s much less likely now. I’ll still be close though and I’ll hit in the week after or the week after that.

In WW lifetimes past (I’ve been down this road before), I would have let this discourage me enough to quit. But this time, I’m even more determined to get to my ultimate goal.

Off to the gym!!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I plan to enjoy myself that day!!!