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Running For French Fries

Now that I’ve recovered (more or less) from Saturday’s Triathlon, I can tell you the highlights for me centered around the amazing people who competed in and supported this race.

First, I’m always amazed how wonderful people can be. At this race, the more seasoned athletes and even some of the other beginners were so helpful and supportive to us newbies, it made me proud to  be a part of this. I also tried to pass on as much info as I could because at registration on Friday night, we had someone explain how to get into and out of  the pool and snake the lanes, how to rack our bikes, how to make sure we knew where to return our bikes. Not everyone got that little bit of information. It made this race less chaotic than the first one was for me (my duathlon in April).

When I lined up for the swim (we seeded ourselves based on time), for a while I was the only girl in my time with a bunch of guys. Made me think that I must have made a mistake and I should move back to the slower times. I was right on the money though with my swim time and was very glad I stayed where I did. A couple of other women showed up there too which made me a little more comfortable. I had a smooth swim with no one bumping into me or having to wait for slower swimmers to get back in line.

While waiting to go into the water I started chatting with the guy in front of me, who, by the end of the conversation decided I should go before him because I was faster. That made me feel great…and nervous at the same time. It also made me swim faster since I didn’t want to slow him down. At the lane ends, where shifting to the next lane was confusing, people were so polite. There were at least three people at each lane end and we were all “You go, no you go, no it’s ok, you can go first.” I think everyone kind of wanted an excuse to rest, but it was all very cordial and polite. The “niceness” probably slowed us all down some, but better to lose a few seconds than get kicked in the face.

The staff and volunteers for Event Power cheered us on the whole way and on the bike, one girl staffer yelled out “The third time you see me, you go back to transition!” It saved me from having to try and count the loops on the bike path, which was confusing at best. Smart girl! She probably saved at least a few people from disqualification because they wouldn’t have done the three loops.

On my run, where I walked quite a bit of the way, twice when I was walking, another competitor slowed down to walk with me and talk me into running again. The first time was a woman at about the same level as me (we both needed the few minutes of walking I think) but we got each other going again. The second time it was a young girl, almost done with her run (I was on the first loop). She was doing great and had no reason to slow down with me, but she did, just to help me along. I can’t thank that woman enough, because I was having a rough time at that point, and I didn’t give up, partly because of her.

The other reason I didn’t give up? Are you ready for this? Diner french fries. I’m not kidding. When I had about a half mile to go, I just kept telling myself, get your butt across that finish line and you can go to the diner and have a real omelette (none of this egg white crap) and french fries! Hot, salty, crispy, thick diner french fries with lots of ketchup.

And guess what? I finished my race, hung around a bit to wait for results, was even interviewed (and I’ll link that when it’s live) and then went home, showered and had my diner breakfast at like 1:00 in the afternoon. Those were the best damned french fries I’ve ever eaten.

All the time I was dreaming about my delicious french fries, I was also fighting with myself because I know food should not be a reward like that anymore.  Some habits die hard.

But hey, whatever gets you through, right? And I got through. And I’m doing it again!

Official Split times were posted yesterday: Here’s how I fared for a 400-meter swim, 6-mile bike and 2-mile run. T1 and T2 were transitions between the race segments.

Total clock time: 1.06.03

Swim 10.57

T1 3.22

Bike 23.47

T2 1.33

Run 26.25


I Am Officially A Triathlete!

I finished! I swam 400 meters, biked 6 miles and ran 2 miles this morning. My first triathlon. I finished!

The swim was great. It was a pool swim where we had to snake up and down 8 lanes in a 50-meter pool. I seeded myself at 10:30 for this based on what I was doing in training and finished the swim in 10:57. I didn’t have anyone passing me and I even passed a couple of people at the lane ends so I felt strong in this leg.  With the confusion at the ends of the lanes and getting into and out of the water, I was happy with my time.

My bike was strong and I managed to shave a minute off my last time, even with all of the bike issues I was having  getting ready for this race. Finished the bike in 23 minutes and change. Splits aren’t up yet, but I got to see them quickly after the race.

The run? The run was not so great. It was hot by the time we were running, I had a stitch in my side from all the water I inhaled in the pool (there was quite a chop with all those people in the water) and I just felt like I had nothing left. I did a lot of walking during the two miles, something I haven’t done in months, even on the hot days. The run took 26 minutes and change, the worst run I’ve had in a long time.

I was disappointed in myself with the run only because I totally let my head get in the way and keep me from doing something I know I can do. I could come up with a dozen excuses as to what happened here, but the bottom line was I let the negative talk in and didn’t push through.

But you know what? It’s over. I’ve done it! I swam, biked and ran, made it through transitions and I’m alive to write about it. And do it again. And I’m really proud of myself.

I learned so much, and while I may have been disappointed in my run, overall I am thrilled. It’s exciting/nerve-racking, I met incredible people, and even if my run wasn’t so hot, I swam a quarter mile, dried off and got on a bike for six miles and then got off the bike and ran for two. I don’t know a whole lot of people who can say they’ve done that so I know it’s an accomplishment.

I’m signing up for Trek Women in September. Same park, same time, different race. And this next time, there will be no walking during the run! I’m just that determined.

I’ll post official splits and pics soon. 🙂

Big thanks to the folks at Event Power LI who produce this event. They do an amazing job, are unbelievably supportive and they make sure everyone has a great time!

Countdown To Race Day

This morning, I did my last brick workout before my upcoming Mini Mightyman triathlon on Saturday. I’m as ready as I’m going to be. This morning, though, my training felt really off. It was quite possibly the most humid morning I’ve gone out to train, so I biked 3 and ran two. It was already 74 degrees with 90% humidity at 6:15 am, I hadn’t eaten enough this morning, and I was so overheated, I had to walk twice during the run. I inhaled 32 ounces of water as soon as I walked through the front door.

The last run/bike bricks I’ve done have ended up in a pulled muscle in my hip, so I was kind of babying this one too. I didn’t want to get hurt 3 days before race day. At least today, I didn’t feel the pulling in my hip as much. I think that’s because I finally have the bike positioned correctly (handlebar extensions – six inches of reach that make a HUGE difference!).

Tomorrow I will probably bike one last time (unless it’s rainingin which case I’ll swim) and Friday is a day off to let my muscles recover for race day.

I’d like to finish this race in under an hour, but I will be happy with just the finish. My times should be better there than they’ve been in training: 1) because there are no hills on this course (and there are hills on my training routes that really slow me down on the bike and the run and 2) adrenaline usually helps in these situations. 🙂

I’ve learned a lot and come a long way since my race in April. I’ve trained better for this one and I’m not tapering nearly as much as I did the last time. This is a relatively short race, and it really wasn’t beneficial to take a few days off before the race last time. I have a better handle on what I should be eating and I’ll make sure I have a gel for between the bike and run if it’s really miserably hot out, so I’m fueled and hydrated.

I’m familiar with the run/bike course and we even hit the pool there once to swim. The swim was canceled the last time so that leg and the transition that follows it will be new and interesting. I’m looking most forward to the swim, since I’m confident in my ability in that discipline! I’m certainly not the fastest, but I’m a solid swimmer and I’ve always done well endurance-wise.

I feel ready, and I know my toughest critic will be me. I want to finish respectably. I have to remember that finishing is respectable.

I’m already planning my next race after this. Same park, same pool, longer distances, on Sept. 13. The Trek Women Triathlon Series – 1/4 mile swim, 9 mile bike, 3.1 mile run. All girls. I think that will be huge fun!

They have races all over the country. Check it out here: