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My Birthday Promise To Get Fit And Fabulous

I turned 49 on Sunday (yes for the first time!) And to celebrate my birthday, I took a couple of days off from work to do some soul searching and unwind. The weather Saturday morning was spectacular, so I went for a walk. And then I went again on Sunday, and Monday and today. And I had energy and got more done and I was just so proud of myself. Right now, I’m the fat girl. My family hates when I say that but with at least 50 pounds to lose, it’s justified. And I’m ok with that. I don’t hate my body and I certainly don’t feel 49 most of the time. But I sit at a desk all day, and then I’m a crafter by night, either sitting at the computer more or sitting at my craft table. And my butt? Well that is just starting to take the shape of the chair!

I’ve loved my forties and I’m looking forward to 50. I’ve never been one to cry about my age. My thing with turning 49, however, is that over the last couple of years, I’ve had a couple of surprises related to my age and my level of fitness. I had a torn rotator cuff tendon which turned into a frozen shoulder. I can move it again, but after almost a year, it still hurts. What hurt more was the doctor telling me I had a “48 year old shoulder” and these things can be expected.

I also take blood pressure medication for hereditary heart palpitations that I can thank perimenopause for. And last but not least, occasionally my calf swells and the doctor can’t find anything wrong. I’ve always been strong, but lately I stopped feeling that way.

So for my 49th birthday, my gift to myself is to go from the “fat” girl to a “fit” girl. I’ll never be Hollywood skinny; I wouldn’t want that. And I like–scratch that–LOVE sugar.

So I am NOT going on a diet. I’m going to start with walking. Not only am I doing something good for my body, I’m letting my creativity flow and I have more energy throughout the day. It’s amazing how quickly you can feel the effects of such a simple thing.

And then I’m going to add better foods to my daily intake. If I want a piece of gooey chocolate birthday cake like I had this weekend, I’m going to have it. But I’m going to be more diligent about the fruits and veggies too.

And I’m going to explore and share my experiences on this blog as I go. I think it will help. Maybe it’s even the key. I chose this title Fat Girl to Fit Girl because the word FIT has an I in it. I’ve never been good about putting myself first. I think to take care of my body, I have to add the letter “I” into my vocabulary, as in “I am going for my walk and the rest of you can wait….”

It’s time to take care of me. And if you are struggling with the same feelings, join me. Let’s put ourselves first together and be accountable to the world. 🙂