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Christmas Cookies…All Cookies…Are Evil

I’m having a somewhat tough Weight Watcher’s week. Between work stress and at-home business deadline stress, as an emotional eater, not shoving everything under the sun into my mouth takes lots of willpower. Fortunately, I don’t keep anything in my house anymore that could do too much damage.  Add to that that because I’ve had so much work to do, I’ve not gotten to the gym in a week (not really a good enough excuse, I know).

And this morning, after 5 months on Weight Watchers and 30 pounds lost, I decided that I’ve got to come up with some new favorites. I’m getting a  little bored with what I’m eating on a regular basis. I need a routine to stick to this program, but I think it’s definitely time to change that up a little.

Which brings me to why Christmas cookies are evil. I am addicted to sweets. And cookies are my all-time nemesis. So much flavor (and sugar and fat) in what seems like a harmless treat. I mean, to eat ice cream or cake, you need to do stuff and by the portion size, you know you are ringing up the points. But cookies? You can just pop those babies in your mouth and before you know it, you’ve eaten like 12  (or half a box).

So today, being bored, feeling guilty for missing the gym, and being just generally stressed, I come into work and right behind me walks one of my co-workers with a huge tray of a bunch of different kinds of Christmas cookies…..Gingerbread, snowballs, sugar cookies, chocolate chips….iced cookies….even chocolate candy (yum) just looking tantalizingly tasty and sitting only a few feet from my desk. I’ve resisted so far today and I hope to resist the rest of the day. But I’m distracted, not concentrating and I think those darn cookies have been whispering my name all morning. I feel kind of like a drug addict who needs a fix. 🙂

I’ve kind of planned out my holiday celebrating (Thanksgiving, office holiday party, Christmas Eve and Christmas, I’m not on Weight Watchers). But the rest of the time, I’ve planned to stay the course and resist temptation.

And while I know on Weight Watchers, it’s ok to have a cookie here and there, and even cheescake, as long as its accounted for, I can’t get started on cookies, because I would never be able to eat just one, or even two or three for that matter.

So I hope to get through this day avoiding the cookie tray and it could just turn what has started out as  a tough WW week to a triumphant one!

Cookies are evil…. Cookies are evil…. Cookies are evil….. Say it with me now…