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I’ll Do It My Way (and you should do it your way)

pizzaOver at the FoodFoodBodyBody blog, Foodie McBody has a post about eating an amazing slice of pizza after deliberating about it for a quite a while. Bottom line, she ate it, she enjoyed it, and she stayed within the boundaries of her health and fitness plan.

In the comments section, there was everything from “I could never eat pizza or anything else not on my healthy list” to me, who eats pizza at least once a week. A slice of heaven pizza is only 6 points, although, living here in NY, I usually count it as 8 on Weight Watchers. I fit it in to my points or I use weekly points. I can also stick to one slice, maybe 1 and a 1/2  if I’m particularly hungry.

The point is there is no one way to do the diet/exercise thing right. What’s most important is finding the way that works for you.

There are definitely foods that I can’t have in the house because I have no control, like Tollhouse Chocolate Chip cookies or potato chips and any kind of dip. There’s no stopping once I start. So I reserve those things for parties where the environment is somewhat more controlled and if I eat more than I should, I can’t continue the feast when I leave.

But I also know from previous diet starts and stops that to succeed, I need to be able to eat some of my old-time favorites with the new foods that I enjoy.

As I’ve proceeded on this journey, my tastes have changed along with my weight. In the beginning, I never didn’t have 100-calorie Hostess cupcakes in the house because if I needed a chocolate fix, that’s what I wanted. Now I don’t buy them regularly and I’m more likely to turn to a Kashi bar or cocoa-roasted almonds. However, that’s not to say I don’t have an occasional chocolate bar or get my hostess cupcakes once in a while. Those are foods that I can eat a portion of and then get back on track.

Following Weight Watchers has allowed me to continue to eat all kinds of food and lose weight without feeling deprived. I tried Jenny Craig once and lasted a week. I did Atkins for about 3 months. Those didn’t work for me but I know they work magic for other people.

With exercise, it’s the same thing. Some folks walk, some run, some Zumba, I triathlon.

It doesn’t matter what path you choose as long as you enjoy it and it’s something you will get up and go do on a daily or every-other-day basis. And you can always add/change it up as you go too.

There is tons of advice on how to diet and how to exercise to lose weight. But not all of those things work for everyone.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again because it is the one thing I have truly learned on my fitness journey this time: You can read all the advice and listen to all the experts but if you don’t like what they are telling you to do or you feel like you can’t stick to a program, it isn’t going to work for you. You have to experiment with different foods/exercises, find programs that you can stick to and do that.

Maybe it’s because we get so sucked in by the media and advertising about all of the diet claims that our weights go up and down so often. We can all lose weight on a program we can stick to temporarily, but can we keep it off when we can’t stick with that program anymore?

This time, I’ve taken it slow and steady and I know the changes I’m making will last a lifetime because guess what? I can still eat pizza!

You Are What You Eat

choccakewhitefrostingsprinklesFor the most part, since starting my get-fit journey, I eat pretty healthy. Not always perfect, but better than I used to. I limit sweets and caffeine. I make sure I eat lean proteins, lots of fiber, fruit and some veggies (not a big fan of veggies but I’m working on it!)

But this weekend, being my birthday and all, I was not as careful about what went into my mouth. And I managed to eat a surprising amount of birthday cake and other goodies. The birthday dinner was lobster and steak…barring the butter, not such bad choices, although I will admit there was an abundance of food.

But my downfall was definitely the sweets. Always has been, always will be. I ate A LOT of cake on Sunday and Monday (the actual birthday).

And then I went running on Tuesday. ARGGGHHH. I felt like I was running in quicksand. My body completely resisted the effort and there was lots of walking involved. I rationalized that at least I went. Yesterday, I went swimming….in what felt like mud. Even though Tuesday was a better food day, the residual from the revelrous weekend seemed to still have a hold. Yesterday was a very good food day. Back on track and when I go running tomorrow, I’m expecting vast improvement (fingers crossed).

Thursdays are an exercise day off because I have my Weight Watchers weigh-in. Surprisingly, I was down .6 lbs. Hmmm. Maybe the food craziness wasn’t as horrible as I’d thought. But it definitely affected my workouts this week.

So I’m down a total of 54.2 pounds. Slow but steady….

Now I just have to get through Memorial Day weekend.