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Staying on Weight Watchers and Gaining… :(

The enemy?

The enemy?

Thursday night is my Weight Watchers weigh-in night. And this week, I was not a happy camper. I was up .6 lbs. I know, all you veteran weight watchers out there are saying “Big deal.” But for me it was a big deal. I had a tough Saturday (lobster bake thing) but the rest of the week I was a model Weight Watcher. Stayed in points; some days I even gave points back to make up for the Saturday, and made sure I ate healthy, stayed away from too much salt, etc. I went walking a couple of times this week too.

Still a gain. Intellectually I know this happens, and I should be ok with it. “That time of the month…” “Water weight gain…” etc. But emotionally, it made me want to throw in the towel and eat a brownie sundae. I didn’t though.

Instead, I thought about all of things that have already changed because I have been on Weight Watchers for a month.

  • My clothes are just a little bit looser.
  • I don’t need as much Zantac anymore because my acid reflux has virtually disappeared.
  • I have more energy
  • I’m more focused
  • I’m proud of myself that I have gained control over my eating
  • I got a compliment from a coworker the other day and that felt really good.

So, I’m staying on program again this week (no big food events this weekend thank goodness) and I’m hoping for the best next week. In the meantime, I’ll continue to be grateful for the good things I’ve gained from being a Weight Watcher and I’ll let go of the .6 pound gain. After all, I’m still 7.6 pounds lighter than I was when I started.

Weight Watcher’s Weekend Challenges and Triumphs

I feel like I’m fixated on weekends in this blog… but for me those seem to be the toughest days to stay on track. Through the week, I’m at work and I’m on a schedule and have pretty much settled into a food schedule as well. But the weekends….

Last weekend I spent 30 hours in a car over four days…kinda tricky to stay on track, and while I didn’t have perfect days, I did better than expected.

This weekend….yikes….was even tougher. I went to a bar/concert on Friday night (the sister I went to see the weekend before was in town and we went out with another brother (I have four brothers and a sister). There was lots of alcohol and six-foot sandwiches (one of my favorites). But I did ok. I stayed away from the sandwich and had a couple of drinks, which I planned for and kept in points.

Last minute though on Saturday, I was invited to a lobster bake down at my brother’s beach club. This is where the real challenge was. I LOVE lobster, but I love it with butter. And corn on the cob, yum.

And even worse, my sister-in-law put noshes on the table to start the festivities. Cashews,  pretzels, cheesy dip and grapes. All in all, more or less healthy foods, but foods that are easy to abuse. I learned something about myself on Saturday.

I can’t get started on the noshes. I can’t stop, no matter how focused I am on my WW goals. I tried to stick to grapes…but those cashews and were calling to me (good fat, right?) and the pretzels with cheesy dip. Another weight watcher I know calls these abuse foods (the ones you just can’t control).

So I ate…. noshes, lobster with butter, lobster bisque (but only a half cup), corn on the cob…

There were successes too. One  was a really, really big one. Knowing I had gone way over points already, I didn’t have dessert and there was homemade cake. And three people asked me if I’d like a piece. I said “no thank you” three times and I really wanted to say “oh yes please….I’ll take the whole thing!” I rewarded myself when I got home that night with a 1-point weight watcher’s fudge bar. Along with my 3-point sandwich, these are a lifesaver for me.

And then I tracked my points and figured out what damage I’d done (and I chose to err on the side of caution, assuming I ate more), and it still wasn’t as horrible as I first thought. On Sunday, I got right back on program.

Fingers crossed, staying on plan all week, I’ll still show a loss. And if not, I won’t be disappointed because I know I’m still doing better by my body than I was before. I’ll be 50 in May. I have a big goal to achieve by then.

Now, I just have to get on the exercise schedule!

Managing A Travel Fast Food Weekend On Weight Watchers – Update

I lost 2 pounds this week! Woo hoo! Better than I expected and a total of 8.2 pounds in 3 weeks. I’m loving this….

And if you read my post last week, you know I was nervous about this week. I drove from NY to Virginia on Friday, picked up my sister and went to North Carolina on Saturday to see my brother in an opera Saturday night, drove back to Virginia on Sunday and back to NY on Monday.

Friday was a breeze. I brought a cooler and packed all of my healthy choice food. It also took me 9.5 hours to get there so it was late when I got in and we had Chinese food (chicken and broccoli for me…the healthiest choice I could think of) and a light beer. Needed that after sitting in traffic. I stayed in points.

Saturday wasn’t too bad, until we got to North Carolina. I was proud of myself. I stayed away from junk food at the rest stops. Dinner was a little tougher. We didn’t have much time before the show so we went to a sandwich place, had paninis and potato chips. But even here, I tried to make a healthy choice (although I did eat the chips) and when I was full, I gave my brother the second half of my sandwich. And of course, after the show, we celebrated with him with a few drinks.

Sunday was a little tougher. McDonald’s for breakfast, Wendy’s for lunch and the rest stops were more tempting… Still I made better choices than I would have if I hadn’t been on Weight Watchers. I had just an Egg McMuffin for breakfast (and a banana that I had snagged at the hotel), a junior cheeseburger for lunch (no fries, no Frosty), and at the rest stop, I opted for a Musketeer bar, which I’d been jonesing for since we left the morning before. A normal dinner, another after-travel drink….

Monday I was able to stay in points again on the way back to NY.

So I used most of my weekly points in addition to my daily points. But, on the advice of my sister, who is a lifelong Weight Watcher, I skimmed some points from Tuesday and Wednesday (not too many) to try to make up some of the extra I ate on the weekend.

And voila! Success. With 30 hours in a car.

Daughter update: She’s lost 6 pounds. And she’ll reach goal way before I do.

Back to Weight Watchers and the 3-point sandwich…YUM!

When I started this blog, it was because I had given up on “dieting” since that wasn’t working for me. I was going to walk and exercise and get fit all on my own. hmmmmm….

That wasn’t working for me either. I did walk for a few weeks. Felt better but no weight loss. I did try eating better, but I wasn’t tracking and well, we know how that goes.

So two weeks ago, I went back to Weight Watchers. 🙂 I tracked everything I ate, stayed in points, and lost 4.8 pounds the first week. My daughter came with me and she lost 4 pounds (which would have been more had she worn shorts, not jeans, like she had the week before….we all know those weight watcher tricks–she’s new!)

I realize now that the accountability and the tracking are key to my being successful at any type of weight loss program. So I’ll keep you posted.

On my journey last week, I discovered a three-point sandwich, which I thought I’d share:

  • 2 slices light bread (I like pepperidge farm light whole wheat or 7 grain) (1point for two slices)
  • Hillshire Farms Ultra-Thin sliced oven roasted turkey or honey ham (4-5 slices equals 1 point)
  • 1 wedge of laughing cow light swiss spreadable chees (1 point)
  • Lettuce and tomato (no points)

You don’t need mayo because the cheese is spreadable, and the sandwich is delish and filling!

I’m encouraged and I’ll let you know how it goes!

Stopping the dieting/bingeing cycle

I’ve given up being a lifelong dieter, which has gotten me nowhere as I currently weigh more than 200 pounds.  I’ve lost the weight and then have gained it back every time and then some. There are some diets that seem to work for a time, like Weight Watchers, but for me, there is always a downfall. I would do well for a few weeks, even a few months, but then WW Brownie A La Mode desserts would start to feel like a reward and I’d eat both in the box instead of just one. Dieting for me has always been a struggle between feeling better about myself and feeling like I was cheating myself out of something I really wanted. Ring Dings never taste as good as when you are on a diet.

That’s why this time, I’m not dieting. I’m walking. I’m exercising. I’m looking to be a healthier, stronger version of who I am right at this moment. I kind of like me, even if I’m not a perfect size 8.

I’ve walked every day (except one) for the past 10 days now and I’m up to a mile and a half. That’s an accomplishment. I’ve also added an ab routine back into my day from years ago, when I worked with a trainer to get fit. And I’m feeling better.

I’m noticing a strange side effect too. While I haven’t changed my eating habits at all, I’m finding that I am gravitating toward some healthier choices, like strawberries instead of candy or cookies. Not that I’m still not eating candy or cookies, but I’m not craving it the way I was even a week ago. It’s more of a habit thing I think. Of course, this could change, but I’m going to try to listen to my body instead of just shoveling in what I’m used to or what is being triggered by some emotion, be it boredom, anxiety, whatever. I know I’m an emotional eater, and when I eat emotionally, I’m not reaching for string beans or strawberries.

I read an article in Good Housekeeping magazine this month that touches on this subject. The author, Geneen Roth, writes “what, when and how I eat come from an inner sense of what would feel good in my body at any given moment, of what kind of energy I need to get me through the day, of how I want to feel when I finish eating.” Because she eats this way, she said, even though she eats healthfully most of the time (based on what her body needs), “I am not frightened that, after one day of overeating, all hell will break loose and I will gain 50 pounds. If someone hands me a piece of chocolate cake and I feel like eating it, I will.”

The key, according to Roth, is being able to make the choice. If you aren’t denying yourself anything, it’s easier to choose not to eat something if you are satisfied because it’s not a restriction. It’s a choice.

All of my young adult life, I was told I needed to lose 15 pounds. That, coupled with growing up in a very large family (if you didn’t get to the goodies first, you didn’t get any) created eating habits based on restriction and deprivation. Even when I was eating a piece of cake, I felt guilty about it. But if you didn’t eat that piece of cake when it was offered, it wouldn’t be there in an hour when you really wanted it. I don’t have those restrictions anymore if I choose not to have them. So I’m going to listen to my body a little more, and to the voices from my past a little less. And the next time I eat a piece of cake, I’m going to enjoy it with no guilt.

Geneen Roth has written a couple of books on the subject and has workshops too. You can find out more about her at I’m going to check her out myself.