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The Cost of 100-Calorie Candy

MM_100CL_7br[1].previewI was out shopping last night, knowing today was going to be a tough work day…again. I was right. I decided, while I was in Target, that  I better have some manageable, calorie-counted chocolate on hand if  I planned to make it through the day without ravaging the vending machine for the Linden Chocolate Chip Cookies and Milky Ways that are in there (yes, I know what’s in the vending machine at all times, but I am careful never, ever to put change into it anymore).

Wondering what 100-calorie treat might just do the trick today, I spied 100-calorie M&M packs. They were like a beacon on a dark night. I scooped ’em up and threw them in my cart. $3.99 for seven carefully calorie-counted-out packs.

I grabbed a pack today when I went home for lunch, so I would have it for that much-needed 3:00 pm sugar injection. I almost always opt for a healthy snack at 3pm (yogurt, fruit, kashi bar), but today, I knew that wasn’t going to cut it.

When I grabbed my M&Ms from the box, I thought, hmmm, these look surprsingly similar to the M&M fun packs. So I went online, just to see. How many calories are there in an M&M fun pack? You’ll never guess. No really. You won’t. 100? Is that your final answer? Well, you’d be right.

I paid $3.99 for 7 M&M fun packs. What a bonehead. Had I just checked the fun pack package…with Halloween weeks away they are all over the place…I could have saved myself quite a bit of money if I’d just done that research. I’m pretty sure there are more than 7 packages in a fun-size bag. And it probably costs….drumroll please….$3.99.

I’ve learned my lesson. Always check the options before purchasing 100-calorie candy. I’m pretty sure though I’m much safer with only seven fun packs in the house.


Climbing Back On The Wagon After A Hard Fall

littleredwagonWhen I wrote my blog post on Wednesday, I wrote that I was struggling with staying on track food-wise. I somehow managed to stay in control until that evening when I came home to pizza and scarfed two pieces without even thinking about it. I will admit, even though I felt a little guilty later, it felt GOOD to eat with abandon. So good, in fact, that it sent me on a downward spiral for the next four days. By day four, however, it didn’t feel so good anymore.

Thursday there was seafood bisque in a bread bowl and delicious chocolate truffles. Friday it was an overload on english muffins with butter and cinnamon sugar (a favorite treat but I always stop at one. Mind you, these are the high-fiber, low-cal multigrain english muffins and I used light butter, but still. Did I really need two of them?

Saturday, ah what can I say about Saturday. If it didn’t try to run away from me, I ate it. Candy, more pizza, whoopie pies (have you ever had those?) ice cream….the list goes on. Food shopping was a dangerous thing to do on Saturday.

And yesterday, while I started to regain some control, I still ate some of the wrong things.

During this, I did still try to make some healthy choices, as though that would somehow magically make the madness stop. It didn’t. And I exercised and drank my water…same reasoning, same results.

By last night though, I felt out of control and a little nervous that I’d screwed up big-time and wouldn’t be able to pull it back. And my stomach hurt.

I think I’d been heading toward this for awhile, and that may have a lot to do with my stalled weight loss. Little tastes here and there that I wasn’t tracking, a slightly larger than measured portion, an extra treat.

Last night, through a twitter conversation with @patbarone, I realized that I had put myself on vacation mentality, and I was also feeling overwhelmed by stuff I have to get done at home over the next few days. Procrastination by food.

This morning, though, on the 3-mile run that I really didn’t feel like tackling (this is why I sign up for races), I realized that instead of being proud of myself, I’ve been beating myself up again. Instaed of focusing on how far I’ve come, I’ve been frustrated with how slow the weight loss is going and that I’d like to be further along in my tri training.

While I was running this morning, I reversed that. How far have I come, for goodness sake? What can I do now that I couldn’t a year ago? What positive changes have I made that stuck? I’m running. In the beginning, I was barely walking. I’m a size 12. I was a size 20. I drink lots of water and very little soda. I eat so much healthier than I did. I even eat vegetables and lean protein and whole grains.

So many things have changed for the better for me since I started this journey. So “fat girl” managed to creep back in for a couple of days. “Fit girl” is stronger and today she has pushed “fat girl” to the back corner again.

I don’t doubt that “fat girl” will show up from time to time. She’s been a part of me a lot longer than “fit girl,” and man, does she love her chocolate!  But I know I’m strong enough now to regain my healthy self even after a hard fall off the wagon.

As @patbarone said, “it’s not about what feels good now. It’s about what feels good later.” Today is later, my resolve is back, and I feel great!

When The Going Gets Tough…

I’m having a bad day. I woke up with a headache and I’m cranky. I was up .8 at weight watchers this morning for no apparent reason. Down yesterday on the scale, up today. Ah, the joys of being a girl. I miscalculated bill payments and I’m broke until payday tomorrow. I have a doctor’s appointment directly after work and then an appointment with my accountant directly after that. Did I mention I’m being audited by the IRS? Just one more thing to worry about. Ugh.

I am generally a positive, happy person. I take things in stride. I handle stress well. I am grateful for good things that happen to me or come my way. I’m generous where I can be and I’m a nice person. Really.

This, though, has been a tough year with one challenge after another after another. It seems we get one thing cleared up, and oh, here comes the next thing. I’m feeling a little picked on by the powers that be. What is it I’m supposed to be learning from all this stupid stuff? So, I’ve been feeling sorry for myself all day.

But, as with so many things we worry about day to day, most of the crummy stuff that has happened or is happening ends up turning out ok. It’s not perfect, but it’s not anything we can’t handle either. Seriously what’s the worst that can happen in this audit? I’ll owe Uncle Sam more money because I’m a lousy record-keeper? They’ll just have to wait in line like everyone else, cause I just don’t have it.

I’m spending my last few minutes of the workday trying to focus on the more positive side of my life and be grateful for all that I have been given and have accomplished in these past months. I have my health. I have my family. I have a job. I have a roof over my head.I have audit protection with my accounting firm, so while this IRS tax audit is going to be a royal pain in the butt, I don’t have to sit across the desk from a scary auditor looking at me like a criminal. My accountant gets to do that. And she’s better at it.

And so what I gained .8 at Weight Watchers today. I know this weight gain is temporary. As is all the crummy stuff that I have to go through. When it’s done, I won’t be going through it anymore.

And it’s Thursday… weigh-in day. So after all of the icky stuff I have to do tonight, I get to have pizza. I’m grateful for that.

Frustration and Fat Days

I was down .8 lbs. at my Weight Watchers weigh-in yesterday and I should be jumping for joy. I have consistently lost weight since I started in July of 2008, with only one or two little gains and a month-long plateau. The weight loss has never been speedy (5-6 pounds a month), but in the past couple of months, wow, it’s been even slower. .8 was great, but I haven’t seen a loss without a decimal point in front of it in about 10 weeks.

And instead of inspiring me to try harder, that little decimal point can sometimes set off a chain of events that leaves me making wrong choices and feeling, well, fat. And that’s what happened yesterday.

I made some positive changes to my food choices and my tracking last week,  I stayed on target, I exercised…even had a triumphant 2-mile run on Wednesday. And then Thursday rolls around and the scale doesn’t do what I want it to. And I know, I’m complaining when really I have no right to.

I have no problem when the scale reflects my sometimes poor choices. It’s when I do everything I’m supposed to do and I still don’t get the result I’m looking for that I struggle with. Seeing that scale move on Thursday is a reward for doing the right thing for my body all week long. And while it’s not my only measure of success, it’s a big one, even though I know it shouldn’t be.

But being wired the way I am, I react to frustration by eating. The. Wrong. Things. My weigh-ins are now in the morning, and weigh-in days have always been treat days. On a frustrating weigh-in day, the treats end up going all day. Yesterday’s treats, among other things, included some Girl Scout Cookie thin mints that I had previously forgotten were even in the pantry. sigh. As soon as I’ve weighed in, I start eating and I’ve set myself up for a disappointing weigh-in again next week. And today, I feel bloated and fat. Amazing how the after-effects of one bad food day can erase a 55-pound weight loss.

Enough whining. Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to take the hit next week and go back to weighing in after work on Thursday. This may mean a gain, but that’s ok. It will keep me on plan all day on Thursday, and treats (pizza and Pro-Portion ice cream) will only be in the evening, keeping the splurge to one meal. And hopefully the following week, I’ll see a better result on the scale. At least I know I’ll be taking positive action toward a better result.

Christmas Cookies…All Cookies…Are Evil

I’m having a somewhat tough Weight Watcher’s week. Between work stress and at-home business deadline stress, as an emotional eater, not shoving everything under the sun into my mouth takes lots of willpower. Fortunately, I don’t keep anything in my house anymore that could do too much damage.  Add to that that because I’ve had so much work to do, I’ve not gotten to the gym in a week (not really a good enough excuse, I know).

And this morning, after 5 months on Weight Watchers and 30 pounds lost, I decided that I’ve got to come up with some new favorites. I’m getting a  little bored with what I’m eating on a regular basis. I need a routine to stick to this program, but I think it’s definitely time to change that up a little.

Which brings me to why Christmas cookies are evil. I am addicted to sweets. And cookies are my all-time nemesis. So much flavor (and sugar and fat) in what seems like a harmless treat. I mean, to eat ice cream or cake, you need to do stuff and by the portion size, you know you are ringing up the points. But cookies? You can just pop those babies in your mouth and before you know it, you’ve eaten like 12  (or half a box).

So today, being bored, feeling guilty for missing the gym, and being just generally stressed, I come into work and right behind me walks one of my co-workers with a huge tray of a bunch of different kinds of Christmas cookies…..Gingerbread, snowballs, sugar cookies, chocolate chips….iced cookies….even chocolate candy (yum) just looking tantalizingly tasty and sitting only a few feet from my desk. I’ve resisted so far today and I hope to resist the rest of the day. But I’m distracted, not concentrating and I think those darn cookies have been whispering my name all morning. I feel kind of like a drug addict who needs a fix. 🙂

I’ve kind of planned out my holiday celebrating (Thanksgiving, office holiday party, Christmas Eve and Christmas, I’m not on Weight Watchers). But the rest of the time, I’ve planned to stay the course and resist temptation.

And while I know on Weight Watchers, it’s ok to have a cookie here and there, and even cheescake, as long as its accounted for, I can’t get started on cookies, because I would never be able to eat just one, or even two or three for that matter.

So I hope to get through this day avoiding the cookie tray and it could just turn what has started out as  a tough WW week to a triumphant one!

Cookies are evil…. Cookies are evil…. Cookies are evil….. Say it with me now…

Fifty by Fifty

I’m turning 50 in May. Ouch. Not sure I’m loving that number.
Someday I’ll blog about my torn rotator cuff and the doctor telling me I had a 48-year-old shoulder. But I digress…

So when I started Weight Watchers in July, I decided that I wanted to be 50 pounds (or more) lighter by my 50th birthday. If I have to get older, I’m going to feel better about myself at 50 than I did at 48 or 49. I lost this kind of weight just before 40 too (65 pounds when  I was 38 to be exact.) Before I gained it all back…I have gained most of it back…I decided it was time to get back on the stick.

So that’s my goal. And it feels achievable. I’m down 18.8* pounds as of yesterday. And I’m now walking 3 miles at a clip. Today, I even ran a little. Already, I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve been in in a very long time.

My total goal is 80 pounds, but I will be thrilled when that first 50 is gone. Heck, I’m thrilled now. I have another huge fitness goal too (for July). I’ll reveal that one when I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to do what I have planned.

*I lost 1.8 pounds this week, which felt like a reward for the miserable week it’s been. Kitty would be proud of me.

Walking In The Rain

I enjoy walking outside. I’d never go as far as I do if I was trying to do it on a treadmill. So where I live, it was very rainy this weekend, not great for walking long distances. Yesterday morning when I got ready to go though, the rain had stopped and I thought I could get in at least two miles before it started again. I was wrong. I was probably just about as far away from my house as I could be on a two-mile walk when the rain started, and by the time I was three quarters of the way, it was pouring. I tucked my ipod into my shirt and kept going because there was nothing else I could do.

Fortunately for me, I have a good hubby who came looking for me. He picked me up when I had about a quarter of a mile left to go but I was soooo grateful as the rain just got harder and harder. 🙂

Today, I managed a three-mile walk between showers. No need to be rescued. I think I’ve crossed the line to diehard when I’m willing to risk the rain for my walk. But that’s ok. I’ve never felt so good!

Thursdaywas weigh-in day. It was one of those weeks (probably spurring my walking despite the rain this weekend.)

I was down .4. Frustrating when you know you’ve been doing things the right way. But at this point it becomes motivation, and I hope to move that scale a little more this week. And I can’t complain. I’ve lost 17 pounds total, and while I have a ways to go, it’s really starting to show.