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Managing A Travel Fast Food Weekend On Weight Watchers – Update

I lost 2 pounds this week! Woo hoo! Better than I expected and a total of 8.2 pounds in 3 weeks. I’m loving this….

And if you read my post last week, you know I was nervous about this week. I drove from NY to Virginia on Friday, picked up my sister and went to North Carolina on Saturday to see my brother in an opera Saturday night, drove back to Virginia on Sunday and back to NY on Monday.

Friday was a breeze. I brought a cooler and packed all of my healthy choice food. It also took me 9.5 hours to get there so it was late when I got in and we had Chinese food (chicken and broccoli for me…the healthiest choice I could think of) and a light beer. Needed that after sitting in traffic. I stayed in points.

Saturday wasn’t too bad, until we got to North Carolina. I was proud of myself. I stayed away from junk food at the rest stops. Dinner was a little tougher. We didn’t have much time before the show so we went to a sandwich place, had paninis and potato chips. But even here, I tried to make a healthy choice (although I did eat the chips) and when I was full, I gave my brother the second half of my sandwich. And of course, after the show, we celebrated with him with a few drinks.

Sunday was a little tougher. McDonald’s for breakfast, Wendy’s for lunch and the rest stops were more tempting… Still I made better choices than I would have if I hadn’t been on Weight Watchers. I had just an Egg McMuffin for breakfast (and a banana that I had snagged at the hotel), a junior cheeseburger for lunch (no fries, no Frosty), and at the rest stop, I opted for a Musketeer bar, which I’d been jonesing for since we left the morning before. A normal dinner, another after-travel drink….

Monday I was able to stay in points again on the way back to NY.

So I used most of my weekly points in addition to my daily points. But, on the advice of my sister, who is a lifelong Weight Watcher, I skimmed some points from Tuesday and Wednesday (not too many) to try to make up some of the extra I ate on the weekend.

And voila! Success. With 30 hours in a car.

Daughter update: She’s lost 6 pounds. And she’ll reach goal way before I do.

Staying on Weight Watchers on a weekend away….

My daughter and I just finished our second week of Weight Watcher’s and we were both pleasantly surprised tonight at our weigh-ins. We knew we had done well this week, making sure we tracked everything and stayed within points….for the most part. The scale was not as generous as it was last week, and that of course is the way it goes. Takes a while to adjust and start listening to the body’s cues. Like this week I just felt thinner and wasn’t as hungry as last week.

I’m now down 6.2 pounds–way cool. As long as I’m tracking, it so far seems pretty easy. But I have a challenge coming up this weekend.

Tomorrow, I’m driving to Virginia to visit my sister (8 hours in the car). Saturday we are driving to North Carolina to see our brother perform (he’s an opera guy) and then back to Virginia on Sunday and back to NY on Monday. Lots of driving….very little walking I’m sure, and lots of temptations along the way. I’m planning now what I’ll bring to eat on my ride. No M&Ms or Doritos this trip. In the past, road trip has always meant junk food fiesta!

I’m braced for the challenge. And I’m sure I will be proud of myself on Monday. In the meantime, any suggestions will be welcome!