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Missouri 60 Challenge Results

I had four goals for the Missouri 60 Challenge and I did pretty well with them although I didn’t hit them completely.

1. The weight-loss related project I’m working on includes moving my blog to my own host so I can do more with it. I’ve hit some technical difficulties (mostly user related because some days I’m a technical bonehead), but I’m almost there.

2. I finished my first triathlon! YAY! I had hoped for a finish of under an hour and it took me 1.06, but that’s ok. In hindsight, I was asking for a lot from myself. I finished. That was the goal.

3. I wanted to sign up for another race. I was thinking a 5K maybe, or even a 10K. Instead, I’m doing the Trek Women Triathlon this coming Sunday. Thinking big. And I’ve scouted out some 5Ks I’d like to do in the later fall. I’d also hoped to be able to run 4 miles straight by the end of this challenge. I’m close. I hit the 3.5 mark last weekend. With the new triathlon coming up though, it was more important to concentrate on the 3.1 distance… especially off the bike. I’m ready. And running four miles is right there as the next goal.

4. I wanted to be fitter than I was when I started. I’ve definitely accomplished that. I’m running farther, more consistently, and my swim and bike training has gotten better too. I feel great!

And to top it off, I’ve lost 5.8 pounds since the start of the challenge, bringing my total loss to 61.2 pounds. I’m getting there!

dianenow new diane

Not a huge difference on the outside, but there is a huge difference on the inside!

And there’s a huge difference from where I started. And boy, does that make me happy.

Here’s one from back before getting healthy. This has been a year of big changes…all for the better!


New Year’s Resolutions & Diet Success Motivation

new_years_fireworksI can’t tell you how many times my New Year’s resolution has been to lose weight, exercise more, blah, blah, blah. Those usually last about a week for me.

There have also been big events where I wanted to lose the weight, but just always managed to find any excuse not to.

And then there have been times I’ve been reasonably successful. Like before my sister’s wedding. Before I went to the Bahamas. Ran into an old boyfriend. And once or twice for really no reason at all. Like now.

This holiday season, I went to Christmas parties and family gatherings 33 pounds thinner than last year. I started in July. And I’m signed up for a triathlon in April. And I’m turning 50 in May. My husband will tell you, like he told everyone at the family gatherings that I’m motivated this time because I’m turning 50 in May. And he’s partially right. But usually before a big birthday, I would start my weight loss efforts a month before, not almost a full year before.

I honestly can’t tell you what the trigger is this time. Why I’m able to stick to Weight Watchers now when I’ve never been very successful with it before. Why I joined a gym and am actually going there and not just throwing my money at it. Why I was able to indulge in Christmas feastings for a week and then magically get back to my old routine. That’s never happened before. Usually after the event that sparked the healthy lifestyle changes, I immediately retreat right back to bad habits. Could it be that this time this is gonna stick?

I’ve got 30 or so pounds to go and a race in April to get ready for. My motivation is solid this time and if I can figure out what flipped the switch I’ll share it.

Because let’s face it, without that real motivation, no diet (not Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, Atkins or diet pills) is gonna work for long. I know. I’ve tried them all.

What I do know is that I’m going to ride this wave of motivation for all its worth. And I refuse to use my 50th birthday as the reason. If I do that, the switch might go back off after the big day in May and that won’t be any good.

Do you know why you’ve been able to change to a healthier lifestyle? Let’s share and motivate others who are getting ready to put their New Year’s resolutions into action. My hubby is one of those! I’m rooting for his success too!

Happy New Year! may 2009 be a healthy one.

Hit the 25 pound mark!

I weighed in on Thursday night (Halloween week and everything) and was pleasantly surprised to see that I’d lost .8 pounds, which was enough to push me over the 25 pounds lost mark. I’m down 25.4 pounds! Yippee Skippee! Halfway to the second of several goals.

My first goal was to hit the 10%. I did that two weeks ago. My second goal is 50 pounds by my 50th birthday, which is in May. And I’m halfway there!

I got this neat little keychain when I got to 10% and then they give you a little silver disk to put on there at 25 pounds. And I’m carrying it around proudly!

I’ve changed my attitude toward losing weight this time. On other diets, I always had unrealistic goals, like 10-12 pounds a month (geez, there were times where I thought I could lose 20 pounds a month). It doesn’t work like that. At least not anymore for me. I’ve consistently lost  about 7 pounds a month on Weight Watchers, I’m not ever hungry and I don’t feel deprived, and after 17 weeks, I’m down 25 pounds. And I’m making changes I can live with for a lifetime.

If you’re thinking of starting, set realistic goals and just go for it. In four months, you can be down 25 pounds too, or even 15 pounds, or you can be where you are now. Whatever we do, time marches on!