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Am I a Rubberband?

A friend of mine once said, “Men are like rubberbands. You can only stretch them so far before they snap back to their original form.” (Sorry men, I didn’t say it, but I will admit that she had a point.)

She, of course, was talking in the relationship realm. Sometimes though, I’m pretty sure this works for each and every one of us. Especially those of us trying to break a bad habit, or a lifetime of learned behaviors, even if they are bad ones.

This fitness journey for me (a year now) is a daily struggle. You would think after a year, I wouldn’t be dreaming about eating a box of Ring Dings (not a package…a box) or returning to my sedentary ways and no longer dragging my butt to the gym at 6 am.

Don’t get me wrong. I actually prefer eating well and exercising. There is nothing better than the rush you feel after getting to the next level, no matter what the exercise. I have more energy, and I’m actually happier. It still doesn’t mean I don’t dream about my old, lazy, unhealthy lifestyle. Every day I have to remind myself that now is better than then.

However, I have noticed in these past few weeks, while I have continued to eat right and exercise, I have reverted back to one behavior that could be the beginning of a slippery slope. I’ve started opting for looser clothing. Not that I have ever worn anything skin tight mind you. That’s not me. But as I’ve lost weight, I’ve been buying clothing that is more fitted and that actually fits. Heck I even have belts now. When I was heavier, I always bought clothing bigger to try to hide the extra weight (like that works).

This last month of my life has been more stressful than usual. Or maybe it’s the rainy, cold weather we’ve had here on Long Island. All I know, is when choosing clothing for work in the morning, it has been the looser, knit styles; the drapey dresses and skirts, the dress pants that are maybe just a tad too big. Weekends? I’m gravitating toward sweats and the loose-fitting jeans. I’m dressing for comfort and not to show off how proud I am of all my hard work. Comfort is fine for a Sunday morning. But a month ago, I was dressing to impress.

I’m not 100% sure when this really started to happen, but I know that looser clothes can lead to a bigger butt. That extra cookie won’t make the pants feel too tight. I won’t have to suck in my tummy quite as much. I’ve been down this road before.

Starting tomorrow, I’m getting back to my sassier dressing style. I feel good in my fitted jeans and fitted top. It’s really not that hard to suck in the tummy and it’s good for me.

I refuse to snap back to my former self this time. One thing that has changed on this fitness journey is that I am identifying these behaviors before they get out of control.

I am not a rubberband and I refuse to snap back like one. Let’s leave that to some of the men.

Weight Watcher’s Weekend Challenges and Triumphs

I feel like I’m fixated on weekends in this blog… but for me those seem to be the toughest days to stay on track. Through the week, I’m at work and I’m on a schedule and have pretty much settled into a food schedule as well. But the weekends….

Last weekend I spent 30 hours in a car over four days…kinda tricky to stay on track, and while I didn’t have perfect days, I did better than expected.

This weekend….yikes….was even tougher. I went to a bar/concert on Friday night (the sister I went to see the weekend before was in town and we went out with another brother (I have four brothers and a sister). There was lots of alcohol and six-foot sandwiches (one of my favorites). But I did ok. I stayed away from the sandwich and had a couple of drinks, which I planned for and kept in points.

Last minute though on Saturday, I was invited to a lobster bake down at my brother’s beach club. This is where the real challenge was. I LOVE lobster, but I love it with butter. And corn on the cob, yum.

And even worse, my sister-in-law put noshes on the table to start the festivities. Cashews,  pretzels, cheesy dip and grapes. All in all, more or less healthy foods, but foods that are easy to abuse. I learned something about myself on Saturday.

I can’t get started on the noshes. I can’t stop, no matter how focused I am on my WW goals. I tried to stick to grapes…but those cashews and were calling to me (good fat, right?) and the pretzels with cheesy dip. Another weight watcher I know calls these abuse foods (the ones you just can’t control).

So I ate…. noshes, lobster with butter, lobster bisque (but only a half cup), corn on the cob…

There were successes too. One  was a really, really big one. Knowing I had gone way over points already, I didn’t have dessert and there was homemade cake. And three people asked me if I’d like a piece. I said “no thank you” three times and I really wanted to say “oh yes please….I’ll take the whole thing!” I rewarded myself when I got home that night with a 1-point weight watcher’s fudge bar. Along with my 3-point sandwich, these are a lifesaver for me.

And then I tracked my points and figured out what damage I’d done (and I chose to err on the side of caution, assuming I ate more), and it still wasn’t as horrible as I first thought. On Sunday, I got right back on program.

Fingers crossed, staying on plan all week, I’ll still show a loss. And if not, I won’t be disappointed because I know I’m still doing better by my body than I was before. I’ll be 50 in May. I have a big goal to achieve by then.

Now, I just have to get on the exercise schedule!

Staying on Weight Watchers on a weekend away….

My daughter and I just finished our second week of Weight Watcher’s and we were both pleasantly surprised tonight at our weigh-ins. We knew we had done well this week, making sure we tracked everything and stayed within points….for the most part. The scale was not as generous as it was last week, and that of course is the way it goes. Takes a while to adjust and start listening to the body’s cues. Like this week I just felt thinner and wasn’t as hungry as last week.

I’m now down 6.2 pounds–way cool. As long as I’m tracking, it so far seems pretty easy. But I have a challenge coming up this weekend.

Tomorrow, I’m driving to Virginia to visit my sister (8 hours in the car). Saturday we are driving to North Carolina to see our brother perform (he’s an opera guy) and then back to Virginia on Sunday and back to NY on Monday. Lots of driving….very little walking I’m sure, and lots of temptations along the way. I’m planning now what I’ll bring to eat on my ride. No M&Ms or Doritos this trip. In the past, road trip has always meant junk food fiesta!

I’m braced for the challenge. And I’m sure I will be proud of myself on Monday. In the meantime, any suggestions will be welcome!