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My New Running Shoes – Asics Gel Kahana3

asicgelkahanaI learned something this week. Different feet need different running shoes. Before now, I never researched my sneakers. I just went to the store, found something that felt comfortable and looked cool. My first serious training sneakers when I started walking back in July of 2008 were New Balance 560s. Good running shoes but apparently not for my feet.  And I’ve been walking/running in them for almost a year. I can hear all of the gasps out there from more experienced runners. The same sneakers for almost a year? I also found out recently that you aren’t supposed to keep running shoes for more than 6 months or for more than 500 miles… kind of like an oil change. Learn something new every day.

Anyway, yesterday I went for new sneakers and I even did some research first. I learned that there are three types of feet and different running shoes to fit them. For more information on the right shoes for your feet, check out

I have low arches, almost flat feet, and  I need a stabilizing running shoe because I run/walk on the outside of my heel. My now retired New Balance sneaks are evidence of that.

So yesterday, I picked up Asics Gel Kahana3 running shoes. I didn’t realize it was a trail shoe when I bought them (I knew I wanted Asics Gels because they are stabilizing) and had great reviews for my needs. Even though I do most of my running on pavement now, I figured these would be good since I would like to start training on different terrains as well. They fit great and felt good walking around in them.

Today I took them for a test run out on the road. OMG! What a difference. In my New Balance shoes, my feet felt like they were hitting the ground flat and I wonder if that has something to do with my slow road progress. And lets not forget the wicked heel blisters the  New Balance shoes gave me the first time I went walking in them.

When I went out today (I ran yesterday and almost never run two days in a row), my plan was just to go for a good walk to break them in. About a quarter mile in though, I started jogging just to see…and ended up jogging most of the way. My feet felt great, and for the first time since I started running, I felt like I was running heel to toe. The Asics have a great roll and a cushy tread. Not to mention they fit my wide feet so comfortably and no blisters after running two miles! YAY!

I’m looking forward to running again on Wednesday when my legs are a little rested to see just how much of a difference my new kicks will make. I’m hoping to go two miles with no walking. On Sunday (in my old sneakers) I managed a mile and a half before walking. I’m getting there!