When You Least Expect It

Saturday, because of the rain, was a swim day. I usually swim train with a friend on Saturday morning and that makes it more fun. Yesterday though, Jen was off on vacation, so I headed to the pool alone. I did not want to go. It was rainy and dark and miserable here yesterday. To swim on Saturday, even in crappy weather means getting to the gym by 7:30 am. The pool starts to get crowded around 8:15 or so. I had to coax myself out the door.

However, I was off from training on Thursday and then again on Friday, so I made myself go. The way I felt, I wasn’t so sure it would be a very good training session, but these things need to be done.

I got there and there was only one other person in the pool. Sweet. I love it when I get the pool, or at least a lane, to myself. And I kicked off. I had decided to swim 400 meters hard, easy for 100, hard for 200, easy for 100, etc. I had a great 400-meter swim (although there was no clock to tell the time) and a great rest of my swim too. I swam harder more than I had planned and overall went 1500 meters (the most I’ve done). I felt great when I got out of the pool. And I felt great pretty much the rest of the day.

Sunday morning, I had a long run planned. Again, morning came and I did not want to leave the comfort of my bed. I was up late the night before and sometimes, I just like to sleep in. It was not raining though and there was still some cloud cover so it was cooler than it has been. I got up, got dressed, tried to hook up Runkeeper on my iPhone to track the run, but to no avail. For whatever reason, Runkeeper couldn’t find my location. Next time.

I set off walking like I always do; giving myself my little pep talk, like I always do; listening to my music, like I always do. I started running and decided to take a longer route that I take on the bike, figuring if I got tired, I could always walk a bit.

Bottom line, I ran three and a half miles today in 43 minutes and I could have gone farther. With the weather being cool, and maybe because I’d had a couple of days off from running, I felt strong and consistent today. I didn’t get winded, my legs and knees felt good and I only had one spot where I felt a little draggy. I wasn’t too sure how much distance I was tacking onto my run (since it was spur of the moment to go farther), so I stopped when I think I could have probably run more.

I’m going to try a slightly longer run on Tuesday to hit the 4-mile mark, since that was one of my goals for the Missouri 60 challenge!

Both days this weekend, I didn’t feel much like exercising and really didn’t have very high expectations for my performance based on my not-so-enthusiastic attitude. What surprised me though, is if I can get past the grumblies and out the door, once I get going, I really, really enjoy working out and pushing myself. And even though I’ve been doing this on a regular basis now for a year, it still surprises me.

I like surprises. So I’m going to keep hitting the road, the pool and whatever other fun exercise opportunities come my way.

How do you talk yourself out the door to get your exercise in?

PS: There was no rolling me out of bed this morning. I’ll be getting my bike ride in after work today!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Most days I really want to sleep just a little bit longer. If I don’t want to get out of bed for me, I do it for Mitzi and Sparkie. They love their morning (and evening when I’m comfy on the couch) jog/walks. My fitness is getting better, and theirs is too. And it is making me feel better.


  2. Posted by Jeannie Porter on August 31, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    Guilt gets me going! If I lay there and think about it long enough guilt takes over and I usually get out of bed. That is what happened to me on Saturday and Sunday. I kept thinking I wanted to sleep in…but guilt took over my body and did prevail. I did 3 miles (running/walking) both days.


  3. You did great Diana on Saturday and Sunday, I’m so proud of you! You didn’t feel like it but still went.

    Before I started blogging and reading blogs I just didn’t go when I didn’t want to.
    But now I usually go because I feel guilty when I have to tell the readers of my blog that I didn’t go 🙂
    So in fact it’s you who keeps me going! Thanks for that!


  4. Posted by onelittlejill on September 1, 2009 at 4:12 pm

    I go because of the goal. I often think if I didn’t keep myself busy with races, I would come up with reasons not to train. On days when I dont want to go out and run, I remind myself how great I feel once I am out there. And even on the days when it isn’t great, I know that it is the bad runs that make the good runs even better!


  5. Just discovered your blog, thanks so much for the inspiration and motivation!


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