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I Love Running… I Hate Running… I Love Running…

woman-runningRecently, I came across a greeting card that on the front said: I love running, I hate running, I love running, I hate running. I loved that and if I could find it again, I would totally link you to it! I loved it, because as a newbie runner, it’s exactly the way I feel, when I’m running, when I’m about to start running, when I finish. It is totally a love/hate relationship, although lately, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

While I was running my 3.2 miles this morning (my version of a long run), I thought about this the whole way. What is it that I love about running? And what is it that I hate? It was more an exercise in keeping my mind occupied and made my run today go quickly.

The highlights?

I love running on a morning like today. It was crisp and cool and sunny. There’s nothing like being outside on a morning like this.

I hate running in the humidity. Slogging through pea soup is not my idea of fun. There’s nothing like sitting in front of an air conditioner on those days, but I usually run anyway.

I love running downhill. I feel fast and it’s easy.

I hate running uphill, but I’m psyched that I can do it now. Just a few short months ago, I would have to walk up the hills. And there’s usually a downhill on the other side.

I love starting my day moving and listening to music.

I hate getting out of bed to go move and listen to music.

I love taking off after the warmup walk part of my run.

I hate the way my knees sometimes feel when I go from walking to running. But then they settle in and its all good.

I love the parts of the run where it feels effortless and the road just goes by (I don’t have a lot of this yet, but it does happen.)

I hate when my legs feel like lead and every inch of the road feels like a mile (I have more of this but it’s getting less.)

I love when my shadow is in front of me and I can see myself run. My legs look 9 feet long and I feel speedy.

I hate the idea that other people can see me run. In reality, I’m pretty slow. I wonder what they are thinking sometimes.

I love my sneakers.

I hate how hot my feet get.

I love sweating.

I hate sweating.

I love turning into my driveway at the end of my run.

I hate the mid-point of a run. Turning back now would take just as long as going forward, so I always choose forward.

I love answering the question “How far did you run today?” It assumes I’m a runner.

I hate when I have to walk during a run. Then I don’t feel like a runner.

I love endorphins and the way my day goes after a run in the morning. It pumps me up more than any other exercise I do.

I love that I CAN run.

I hate that I didn’t start sooner.

Running has changed me. More than any other exercise I do, I get a sense of accomplishment when I complete a run, even a short one. I never thought I would be a runner. I never actually had any desire to be a runner, even when I started. But it has grown on me. I constantly challenge myself through running and the rewards have been worth every effort. I feel great and have more energy, my skin looks great, I handle stress better, I love the way my jeans fit, I have more confidence and I’m just all around happier.

If you are considering running, go for it. Start slow with an interval program and don’t beat yourself up when progress is slow. There will be days when you hate running, but there will be times you love it. It’s the “love” moments that get you out on the road time after time.

And the four words that push me out the door: “I can always walk.”