Weight Watchers Relationship Update

So after much soul searching yesterday and a long conversation with my Weight Watchers online point tracker last night….we cried, we laughed, we reminisced about the good times and tried to figure out where things started going wrong…I decided that, overall, the relationship has been good for me and deserves another chance. Besides, just once, I’d like to get to lifetime member at Weight Watchers. That would be cool.

However, I am taking a little vacation. We need some time away from each other to sort out the issues and recommit to the long-term goals. I’ve gotten too caught up in the day-to-day details and it’s making things difficult.

So after weighing in this morning— I lost the same .8 pounds I gained last week so I’m back to my weight of two weeks ago— I’m not weighing in again for two weeks. The home scale is going in the closet (or I may have hubby hide it where I can’t find it) and I’m not checking my weight until August 27 at Weight Watchers.

I’m also taking a break from points again. I’ll continue to track my food, but I’m going to focus more on the quality of the food I eat (I’ve gotten much better about this in the past month or so) than on the points.

Still, however, when I have two points left and it’s a choice between a WW chocolate chip cookie or a yogurt, the cookie always wins. When I take the points away, I’ll eat the yogurt because that’s what I really want and I know I can have the cookie if I want it later. Then I don’t always even eat the cookie. It’s surprising to me that even though I know this, I slip back into this behavior all the time. And that’s the thing that I really need to change.

So we’re on hiatus, me and Weight Watchers. Just for two weeks to see how it goes. I know on my part, there’ll be lots of yearning (to track those points and step on that scale), but for Weight Watchers, well it has so many others to tend to, I’m sure I won’t be missed too much.

These next two weeks, I’ll be focusing on my triathlon training, feeling good about how far I’ve come, finding some balance and being happy with me again as I am right now. I’ve let the struggles with the scale get in the way of that. I may even finally get to that Pilates class.

After all, when I started this journey this time, I promised myself it wasn’t going to be about the numbers. It was about getting healthy. I’ve accomplished that and that needs to remain the focus.

Thank you to all my twitter and blogging friends for your input and insight. It really helped so much!

5 responses to this post.

  1. I think that you are very wise. I’ve known so many people who have had great success with WW, and others that it helped them get started, and then moved onto something else. The main thing is that you are moving in the direction that is healthiest for you.

    I didn’t do WW when I lost all my weight, but rather kept an eye on the fat percentage in foods. It worked well for me, didn’t require any counting, and is something I still do today.

    Another good point you made was when you said that you are working on healthy eating. That’s fabulous, because the quality of the food is really, really important!

    Keep up your good work. (Sorry this was so long)


  2. Have you considered trying the “Filling Foods” option? I know that really helped me when I was having problems with my points. (Of course, back then it was Core, and not Simply Filling, which in my personal opinion is a stupid marketing name..)

    Eat only or mostly those foods marked with a green diamond (low fat meats, vegetables, most fruits, whole grains, your daily 2 oils, and no fat dairy… see your source material for specifics) and eat as much as you need to feel satisfied. (feeling satisfied is often the tricky part of simply filling/core eating… )

    Use your 35 weekly points (or any activity points) for non-diamond food (bread, chocolate, sugar, fat cheese, etc)

    Other than that, it’s pretty simple and you don’t have to track your points, just stop eating when you feel satisfied (it’s like 5-10 bites before full and maybe 20 bites before STUFFED, at least as far as I was able to tell… it’s a bit tricky at first to figure out where satisfied is…)


  3. I think that you’ve made the right decision and should try something else. You’ve learned a lot from WW in the past year, I’m sure of that. My first WW meeting was next month 10 years ago and all the things I learned then about food I still use when I cook.

    As you may know I’ve stopped counting about 3 weeks ago and even though I gained 6 pounds this week, the other weeks I’ve lost weight. And most important … I’m not thinking about food the whole day. Just like you when I was counting I thought the whole day about food. That’s gone now.

    I try to make healthy choices every day and sure I make “mistakes” but mostly my choices are good. I exercise three to five times a week now. That’s the how I want to do it and for now it works!

    Good luck but I’m sure you’re going to do fine!


  4. It sounds like you’re happy about your decision, which is what really matters. Good luck! I know you’re dedicated, so it’s just a question of finding the winning formula for you.


  5. I am happy that you’re going to take a break. Best of luck, and I’m anxious to hear how this goes!


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