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Goldilocks and the Three Bikes – A Triathlon Tale

cyclingI have a triathlon coming up in a week. And I have yet to find a bike I am comfortable with. I would be Goldilocks in this tale. I’m blonde, maybe not young, but hey, use your imagination.

My first bike was just too big. And the seat was too hard. And while I rode it in my first race, it freaked me out because my feet didn’t come anywhere near the ground and I felt like I had no control. And the seat hurt my butt…a lot. Gears were smooth and the bike was fast. It was a great bike, but not the right fit.

My second bike (and by the way these are borrowed bikes while I’m trying to figure out if I like this triathlon thing) is too small and the seat is too…are you ready for this?…soft! This bike is a girl’s bike so my feet do hit the ground, and while the bike is actually the right size, I can’t seem to keep the seat raised, so there is very little leg extension. Makes hills really tough. And the gears are fussy. And the extension between the seat and the handlebars doesn’t put me in the right position for racing. I’m too upright and the resistance is slowing me down (and trust me, I’m not that fast to begin with). Plus, the memory foam seat that I first looked at as a godsend hurts my tailbone. Go figure. I will probably, however, ride this bike in this race if I can get the seat thing figured out, cause I don’t know that I can afford a new one just now.

I need a bike that’s just right. And I will be going out to shop for one this weekend. Not too big, not too small. A soft, but not too soft seat and just the right cycling angle.  After all the right equipment is everything!

And then we can all triathlon happily ever after.

By the way, my bike knowledge is extremely limited so I’m open to suggestions! Nothing too pricey though.