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A Nod From Another Runner

manrunningThis morning on my run I crossed paths with Gazelle Man again. This time we were going in opposite directions. Him flying by in all his barely dressed glory (sporting only running shorts and sneakers) and me plodding along about halfway through my run. Gazelle Man is young, tall, lithe– a running vision; heck, maybe even a running god. I mean the man didn’t even have an iPod.

As he passed me this morning, he nodded and held up his hand. The runner’s wave. I got the runner’s wave from Gazelle Man, validating my efforts as a runner.

So what if the scale won’t show me love? Gazelle Man acknowledged my running this morning and that was way more satisfying than a half pound loss!

So thank you Gazelle Man. And for all of us running out there, whatever level you’re at, remember to give a runner’s wave to the others you pass along the way, whatever level they are at.

Have a happy Fourth of July everyone!