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More Substantial Changes and the Missouri 60 Challenge

So I’ve never shown myself on this blog, other than recent race pictures, because well, I don’t really like seeing pictures of myself, although I don’t mind them nearly as much now as in the past.

In the spirit of the Missouri 60 Challenge (Missouri is the “show me” state) I am posting a current picture of me and in 60 days I’ll post another.

This is me today.

This is me today.

The idea of the Missouri 60 challenge is to set goals and then achieve them within the 60 days. They don’t even have to be fitness related, but in my case some of them are.

1. I have a big project related to my weight loss I’d like to get underway.  In 60 days I hope to  see that come to fruition (more about this in a couple of weeks.)

2. I have my first triathlon on August 1. My goal is to finish this in under an hour. That’s only like 35 days away, but I think it counts.

3. I’d also like to find a 5K or 10K to run in and be at the point where I can compete comfortably in 60 days. Right now I’m running 2.5 miles. I’d like it to be 5 or 6 miles in 60 days, but I’ll be happy with 4.

4. The scale has been unpredictable so I’m not putting a weight on this challenge. My goal is to be fitter in 60 days than I am now. And if the weight comes off, that’s a bonus!

I’m excited for this challenge! The deadline is June 30 to join. If you’d like to be part of it, get those pictures up there!!

Before and after:

Me last year before transformation

Me last year before transformation

This is me now too, just so you can see the difference.

This is me now too, just so you can see the difference.

A Substantial Change

A short post. Rare for me I know.  That in itself may be a substantial change.

I didn’t work out this morning. A planned rest day. However, work is stressing me out big time. All I can think about is going home, putting on my sneakers and going for a walk. I don’t even care if it’s raining.

The change? A year ago, I would have eaten my way through the stress, and not with carrots or broccoli. Today, I didn’t even think about food as a way to deal with the stress. I want to  move: walk, run, bike, swim? Something along those lines.

Activity instead of food to combat emotions? Unheard of in my past. And a substantial change for the better.

I’m joining the Missouri 60 challenge. Read about it here. I’ll be posting my pictures and goals later on this evening. After my walk.