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Life Is Good

cloudyskyI dragged my butt out of bed this morning at 5:45 to go running. It looked so gloomy again outside. If you follow my blog at all or live in the Northeast, you know that Seattle has actually moved here. It has done nothing but rain for what feels like the last two months. I stuck my head out the door to check — no rain, just swirly black clouds. I put on the TV to check the weather because I didn’t want to get  caught in a downpour— no rain, just swirly black clouds. I headed out. When it’s not raining on Long Island these days, it’s humid because it’s about to rain. I realized this morning though, that this is the perfect running weather. Warm enough and the cloud cover kept the sun from making it too warm. Add a gorgeous cool breeze that at first, while I thought it would slow me down, ended up being just the thing to keep me going.

Running is still not easy for me. I don’t think it ever will be. But I do have moments now where I get in the flow, it feels natural and before I know it, I’ve gone quite a distance without feeling like stopping. I feel like I’m in the zone. And those moments are getting longer as I get better at this running thing. I get why runners run too. Because those moments feel really good.

When I finish my run, I always feel great. Endorphins? I checked the time, paced at about 11:30 per mile (2 and a half miles), grabbed my water and went out on the back deck to stretch a little. Today I kept my iPod on to listen to the next song while I was stretching. There was still that fabulous breeze, which felt amazing since I was hot and sweaty.

I took a moment to sit on the deck after stretching this morning to enjoy the breeze and the clouds and the music. It’s quiet and peaceful in my neighborhood at 6:30 in the morning, and I could have stayed in that moment all day.

It was then that I realized how lucky I am. I am lucky that my body has allowed me to push it like this when I decided it was time, even though I’m 50. I’m lucky that I’m relatively healthy and getting healthier every day. I’m lucky I woke up and found the motivation to get this whole thing started. And I’m lucky that I have people in my life who support me no matter what.

My life is far from perfect, but this morning, soaking in the breeze, I realized it’s pretty damned good.