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Pain…That’s something new

While I’ve been training for my triathlon and trying to get my butt back into shape, I’ve been very careful to go slow and not push myself too hard or too fast. I was coming from a 200++ weight at 49 years old when I started this journey and from a very sedentary lifestyle. Going up the two flights of stairs in my house would get me winded.

Fast forward almost a year and I’m a lot more confident in what my body is capable of accomplishing and each week, I’m pushing a little more. My next race is on August 1 and my goals are to better my bike time (if it ever stops raining here so I can actually go out on the bike…) and run the 2 miles (no walking) in under 25 minutes. Oh and finish the 400 meter swim in under 10 minutes. My overall goal for this race is to complete in under an hour: 400-meter swim, 6-mile bike, 2-mile run. It’s doable. Of course, I will still be proud of myself if I don’t make my times, but those are my goals.

Anyway, on to the pain part. Saturday, after taking Friday off, I swam 60 laps and then ran 2.5 miles (no walking). I felt great. Sunday, after being lazy all day,  I decided to take a walk in the afternoon. It ended up being a long walk–4 miles. I have had a miserably stressful couple of weeks–let’s just say I’d really like the economy to turn around–and when I started walking, I just didn’t feel like stopping. It was a pretty afternoon, a rarity on Long Island this month, my music was banging away and it felt good to only think about moving my body and not all the other crap.

Yesterday ended up being a day off due to a very unhappy tummy, but my shins were also feeling a bit like the beginning of shin splints (I’ve had these before), so I figured staying off of them wasn’t a horrible idea.

This morning, still feeling the pulling in my shins, I decided to run on the treadmill at the gym, thinking that it wouldn’t be as much of a pounding. On that assumption, I was right. Shins felt fine. However, somewhere in the first 10 minutes of my run, I started feeling a pull in the back of my right thigh. Sometimes those twingy things just need to be run out I figured…I’m not 20, and that usually works when my knees are protesting.

Only this time, it didn’t work itself out. It just got worse. So I walked a bit, tried to run again, put in another half mile, and walked a few more minutes before heading home. Not a stellar run, and a little frustrating. But I’m not going to let myself get hurt now. Especially not on a treadmill run. I think tomorrow will be a bike day and Thursday will be a swim day to rest the leg. And then back to the road on Friday or Saturday.

The good thing is I went home and did abs because  I didn’t feel like I got a great workout. I’ve been neglecting those and they need to be done.

My ab routine right now consists of: crunches, reverse crunches, jackknifes, regular anchored situps and leg lifts. 2-3 sets of 12 each of the first four exercises, 20 each of the leg lifts.  (depending on the day and how consistent I’ve been), followed by some nice yoga stretching.

So despite some discomfort, I still got in a workout today. I think its super necessary right now for more than the physical. When I work out in the morning before my day starts, it goes a whole lot better and I can deal with all the other crappy stress. So I’m hoping the leg pain is very temporary.