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Frustration and Fat Days

I was down .8 lbs. at my Weight Watchers weigh-in yesterday and I should be jumping for joy. I have consistently lost weight since I started in July of 2008, with only one or two little gains and a month-long plateau. The weight loss has never been speedy (5-6 pounds a month), but in the past couple of months, wow, it’s been even slower. .8 was great, but I haven’t seen a loss without a decimal point in front of it in about 10 weeks.

And instead of inspiring me to try harder, that little decimal point can sometimes set off a chain of events that leaves me making wrong choices and feeling, well, fat. And that’s what happened yesterday.

I made some positive changes to my food choices and my tracking last week,  I stayed on target, I exercised…even had a triumphant 2-mile run on Wednesday. And then Thursday rolls around and the scale doesn’t do what I want it to. And I know, I’m complaining when really I have no right to.

I have no problem when the scale reflects my sometimes poor choices. It’s when I do everything I’m supposed to do and I still don’t get the result I’m looking for that I struggle with. Seeing that scale move on Thursday is a reward for doing the right thing for my body all week long. And while it’s not my only measure of success, it’s a big one, even though I know it shouldn’t be.

But being wired the way I am, I react to frustration by eating. The. Wrong. Things. My weigh-ins are now in the morning, and weigh-in days have always been treat days. On a frustrating weigh-in day, the treats end up going all day. Yesterday’s treats, among other things, included some Girl Scout Cookie thin mints that I had previously forgotten were even in the pantry. sigh. As soon as I’ve weighed in, I start eating and I’ve set myself up for a disappointing weigh-in again next week. And today, I feel bloated and fat. Amazing how the after-effects of one bad food day can erase a 55-pound weight loss.

Enough whining. Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to take the hit next week and go back to weighing in after work on Thursday. This may mean a gain, but that’s ok. It will keep me on plan all day on Thursday, and treats (pizza and Pro-Portion ice cream) will only be in the evening, keeping the splurge to one meal. And hopefully the following week, I’ll see a better result on the scale. At least I know I’ll be taking positive action toward a better result.