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Back to Weight Watchers Basics

weight watchers trackerI took today off from my official Weight Watchers weigh-in. It wasn’t a great week. In fact, while I’ve been losing most weeks, it’s much slower than it had been for the past two months or so. So today, I decided to look into what the problem might be.

First, I’ve been tracking online instead of in my little WW tracker from meetings for the past couple of months. I don’t know if it’s laziness, not having access to the computer at all points or the thought that my food diaries are now out there for the world to see, but I found that I was kind of cheating on the tracking. Logging breakfast and lunch and forgetting dinner…. or snacks or BLTs (bites, licks and tastes).  I have still been keeping track in my head but lately, I’ve been slipping a little more it seems each day.

Since I have a bazillion of those little trackers, which I get at weigh-ins each week (really it’s only like 20 but they just seem to be everywhere….), I’m going to start tracking the old-fashioned way again, and I’ll be making sure my little tracker is with me everywhere.

Second, as I’ve lost, I’ve also lost points, which I know is how we actually lose weight. But for some reason, this last point– I’m now down to 21 points– is incredibly difficult. And while I exercise regularly enough that I get about 4 points a day and I know I have my 35 weekly points, when I go over 21 points, I feel like I’m cheating and I tend to sabotage myself even further. And then, on the two days before weigh-in where I usually skimp a bit on points, I’m not making it below the 21-point level either. It’s getting frustrating.

This may be all psychological on my part, but my experiment this week is to go back up to 23 points (which felt the most manageable). I’ll deduct them from my 35 points each week, but I think by allowing myself the two extra points each day, I’ll feel like I have a bit more control again.

I’m curious to see if my little experiments will speed up my weight loss again. I’ve had a lot more patience with myself this weight loss journey because I know it has to be my lifestyle, but at the same time, I’d like to lose this last 25 pounds in less time than it took to lose the first 50.

I’m curious. On weight watchers, do you find tracking on paper or tracking online easier?