The Power of Music

I had every intention of going running this morning. Then I woke up with a headache and decided not to aggravate it further.

Instead, I rolled back over and slept a little longer, got up, showered, took two tylenol and went to work. Just now though, out at lunch, I put on the radio in my car and heard one of my favorite running songs (Better Now by Collective Soul) and it got me all pumped.

I don’t have a headache anymore, so I think I’ll go running when I get home from work. We get out a little early because of the holiday weekend and it’s a beautiful day. And now that the radio has me all ready to roll, I can hear my iPod calling me, and I’m anxious to move my feet.

Happy Memorial Day weekend!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Good for you! I don’t get headaches much (luckily), but I can relate to getting psyched up by music. Some songs will literally give me goosebumps. It’s a undeniable, passionate, positive-response thing.
    (Congrats on your weight loss, too! 54 lbs is AMAZING! Keep it up!)


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