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Triathlon Training – Part 2

Now that I’ve completed my first race and signed up for the second one ) for August 1, it’s time to really get training again. The first time out, my only real goal was to finish. I did that. But that’s not good enough for this next time. Now I want to finish respectably.

My goal for next time is to run the entire two miles (and be running a full 3 miles by race day), shave at least 3 minutes off my bike time, and swim the 400 meters (which I didn’t get to do this first time) in 9 minutes or less. Right now, my swim time is about 10 minutes for 400 meters, but I’m in a 25-yard pool which is 20 laps. The race pool is 50-meter lanes, 8 laps. Less turning, less time.

So Saturday, I got my butt back in gear and this is how my week has gone and will go, since it’s only Tuesday:

Saturday: 3.5 mile interval run/walk on treadmill – it was raining

Sunday: 3-mile walk and abs

Monday: Swim 800 meters

Tuesday: Bike 6 miles, Abs

Wednesday: Run 2.5 miles on road

Thursday: Off

Friday: Swim 1000 meters, Abs

Saturday: Bike 3 miles, Run 2 miles on road

Sunday: Off

I need to get more strength training into my routine, and I’ll be working that in as I go.  But I think by posting my workouts each week, I’ll stay more on top of it and be less inclined to roll over and go back to sleep in the morning. And then after August 1, I’ll be able to go back and track my progress.

Note to self: Choose bike days when sanitation trucks are not picking up garbage. That made for a more treacherous bike ride this morning between the trucks that zig-zag on the street and occasional leftover debris.