Back to the Grind

After my race last Saturday, I took some time off from working out and struggled with the right food choices. But I’m back on track today.

Post-race, I had a scheduled colonoscopy for this past Friday. I was very nervous, couldn’t eat anything but liquids for a couple of days and decided that since by the time I felt like getting back to the gym, it was Wednesday and then I wouldn’t be able to work out on Thursday or Friday, I would just take a week’s vacation from the whole thing.

I got to sleep in and that was good. But I was really stressed because of the test (which was fine, and I was relieved to know that everything is as it should be) and maybe if I’d gotten to the gym I would have decreased some of that stress.

This morning, however, I knew that if I was ever going to get back into my “good for me” routine, I had to get out and exercise. I’m not an exercise fanatic. I can always think of at least a dozen other things I’d rather do than put my sneakers on and sweat.

This morning to get out the door, I figured I’d start with a walk, and even though it was really warm already at 7:30 am, I was inspired by another runner going by and ended up running most of the two and a half miles. And that felt good.

I’ll go swimming tomorrow morning and I’m back to my routine this week. Getting out there today, while I’ll never admit to loving running, felt right. I definitely feel better when I get those workouts in.


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