From Triathlon to Duathlon – So Bummed

So I go on the Event Power LI website today to get registration info for my race on Saturday to find out its no longer a triathlon. It’s  a duathlon. Apparently one of the light fixtures fell into the pool last week, and now that’s closed for repairs until May 1.

I was really looking forward to starting my triathon experience with a pool swim to get my feet wet (so to speak).

Now it’s a 1 mile run, 6 mile bike, 1 mile run. Bummer. I’m still going. I’ve been working too hard to pass it up now.

There’s another flat race coming up in June. It’s much longer than this starter race, but with 7 weeks still left to train, maybe I’ll sign up for that one. 750-meter swim (open water), 11-mile bike, 3.1 mile run.

Would 6 weeks be enough time to almost double my distances? Training weather is definitely nicer. That would be a plus.


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  1. Sorry to hear your race was changed! That’s a huge bummer when you’ve been busting your ass for your first ever! I know you can rock the duathlon, though! I think you should be able to double your distances by the end of June, especially if your main goal is to finish! Good luck Saturday!!!


  2. Posted by onelittlejill on April 14, 2009 at 1:17 pm

    I would be so bummed too, but its awesome that you are still going full force!!!

    Because you have told me that swimming is your strong discipline, then I think that TRI at the length you are talking will be fine for you. That is close to the distances I first races (mine was 14 mi bike) and the best part was that because I am such a strong swimmer, I was able to get out fast and ahead of people in heats ahead of me- so I would say, go for it!!


  3. Thanks so much for your encouragement Jill and Jessica! And Jill, good luck in your race on April 19th too!!


  4. And Jessica! Good Luck in your race coming up on April 19th. Sorry I got you guys backwards!!!!


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