Paying Attention To Triathlon Training Progress

Yesterday was a beautiful day by me, 55 degrees, sunny, a little breezy. It was the first decently warm weather we’ve had in what seems like forever. Because it’s winter, I’ve been training for my triathlon indoors…indoor pool, treadmill and stationary bike. I know training on the equipment is different than actually running on pavement, riding a bike, etc., but I feel like I’ve been building up and I thought I was ready to take at least the running portion outside, especially since it was such a beautiful day.

I went to the gym on Saturday and had a strong 3-mile walk/run and a good 6-mile bike. It was morning (I now realize I’m going to have to get up early through the workweek and get my training in early. It’s just easier). I managed a 5-1/2 minute interval, and longer than 3-minute intervals the rest of the time and for the first time, I ran more than I walked.

So Sunday, early afternoon, I decided to try running in this little park by my house. It’s pretty and they have a .35 mile pavement path. Since I’d run that mileage the day before, I figured I could get around that path at least once at a jogging/running pace. I got excited about it, I visualized it, I never realized how much different it would be to run on pavement. Yikes. I could come up with a million excuses, but I won’t. It  just wasn’t happening for me on Sunday. I still ran/walked 1.5 miles but then I was frustrated so I went home (and then shopping!).

I was talking to a co-worker this morning about my frustration and my now-panic (because race day is only nine weeks away). How am I ever going to run 2 miles after swimming and biking, when I can’t even run it by itself?

And then he asked me a very insightful question that put things in perspective. He asked me where I was nine weeks ago. I had just joined the gym, I wasn’t running at all and I could swim 8 laps. That was it. I’ve come a long way.

I can now swim the full length at a good pace, I can bike the six miles, and I’ve made more progress than I’m giving myself credit for with the run. He reminded me that I’m stronger now than I was nine weeks ago too, so the training should get easier. I hadn’t thought about that. I have a tendency not to look back.

I’m taking today off from running. I’ll swim today. And tomorrow morning, bright and early, I’m going to be on that treadmill, working on inching that running time up one day at a time. Come race day, if I have to walk some of it, that will be ok. I’ll still be able to finish the race, which is something I could never have done 9 weeks ago.


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  1. Great perspective. Remember on race day, this is about you. You can do this. I always have to remind myself not to start comparing myself with all the athletes around me race morning. Smile and have fun. It’s ok to walk. I always do a combo of running, walking and jogging. I hope you have a great day for your race.


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