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From Exercise to Triathlon Training

I’m exercising with a purpose now. I realized that this week. While I’ve been exercising all along with my upcoming triathlon in mind, this is the week I went from “exercising” to “training.”

I get on the bike, the treadmill and into the pool with very specific goals. It’s not just about getting fit and healthy anymore. It’s about digging in and improving my times and my form, and putting together the pieces.

I mean, it dawned on me this week that while I can run/walk 2 miles, I can swim 400 meters and I can bike 6 miles (the distances in my first race in April), that’s not enough. I have to be able to do all three in a row. And I need to do them competitively.

When I swam this week, I didn’t just do 40 laps like I’ve been doing. I dug in the last 10 laps in an effort to get back to racing mode.

I’ve been pushing myself on the treadmill too. I’m still working on Couch 2 5K interval training, but I’m pushing harder, trying to shave little bits off my time each time I get on the treadmill. And when I’m walking, I’m actually raising the incline.

While I’ve really just started taking the bike leg seriously, when I got on the bike this week, I realized, while I can make the six miles, I have to work on that time too.

And then I have to put them all together. They have to be easy on their own so they are doable all at once. I’ve got 2 pieces at a time down….just have to add the third.

While it’s tough to work so hard each time out (lately even when I convince myself to just get to the gym and do a light workout it becomes something more intense), it’s empowering. Two weeks ago, running for 3 minutes almost killed me. Now, it’s the shortest time duration I’m running and it’s not killing me anymore. Five minutes is killing me. But I know if I keep at it, in a couple of weeks five minutes will be doable and 10 minutes will be the killer.

Don’t get me wrong. I still moan and groan and have to bribe myself to get to the gym. But once I’m there, I’m making the most of it. And I feel strong and accomplished when I go home.

I think I like training better than exercise. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to be addicted to racing. 🙂