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The Candy Conspiracy

cadburycremeeggI was in Walmart last week, buying size 14 pants….a size I haven’t seen in many, many years. It was soooo exciting! Even though I still think sizes have gotten larger along the way (or else how else could they possibly fit me?), buying a size 14 pair of pants that I actually wore to work the next day was a thrill!

Happily striding up to the checkout counter, I buzzed right past the pretty packages of Valentine’s Day candy–you know the ones in the heart boxes where you have to bite in to find out just what you’re eating? I love those. And in the past I could finish a box in one sitting. Always had to know what was in that last one? Would it be caramel or coconut or some fruity creme? But this day? I went right past. I didn’t even look at the boxes wistfully! After all, after six months of Weight Watchers, I can wear a size 14 again!

And then, right there in front of the registers, where you can’t miss them if you tried….. Cadbury Creme Eggs. For Easter. Seriously? It’s January. Not even the end of January. We haven’t finished buying our Valentine’s Day candy yet. Easter isn’t until April 12. WTF?

I will admit, right here and now, that Cadbury Creme Eggs are my all-time very favoritest of all holiday chocolate. I’ve waited impatiently for those sweet gooey treats in the past. And yet, this year, as I proudly carried my size 14 pants to the register, there they were, months ahead of schedule. AAAARRRGGGHHHH!

I didn’t buy one. I resisted. My size 14s kept me strong….this time. Problem is, I can’t go into Walmart now until May.

And it got me to thinking. What is with our country? Every holiday from Halloween through Mother’s Day revolves around candy. It’s no wonder we all gain 10 pounds in the winter. We all join gyms and diet programs in January to peel off the Christmas Holiday treats just in time for another candy barrage from Valentine’s Day through Easter, which the stores begin merchandising on Dec. 26.

Are the candy companies and diet centers working together? I can hear the conversation now…. “You get ’em to join Weight Watchers Mary, and then send them over to us to buy their healthy food. We’ll make sure the Valentine’s M&Ms and Cadbury Creme Eggs are right in the path from the produce aisle to the diet soda!”

I don’t expect to make it all the way to Easter without having at least one Cadbury Creme Egg. In fact, I’m planning to eat at least one and keep it in points. But I will not succumb to retail merchandising and get them every time I go into the store and they are staring me in the face. Oh no. They won’t get me this year.

I’ve worked too hard for the past six months to lose 39.2 pounds and get into a size 14. I’m not going back. But I have to tell you, I’ll be happy when it’s June and holiday candy takes a back shelf if just for a month or two!