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35 pounds and counting

I weighed in Thursday  to find I’d lost 2.4 more pounds, putting me at a 35.4 pound loss so far. And this, after the holidays. Woot!

While I ate more during the holidays and some days (like New Year’s Day where I ate nothing but chocolate chip cookies and birthday cake) were food fests, I stayed on track the rest of the time through the holiday season and I made the extra effort at the gym. And it paid off.

This is the last time I intend to lose weight and this time, I’m losing all the weight. Since this is a lifestyle change for me and not a diet, I know there will be days of chocolate chip cookeis and other unavoidable treats. I’ve learned about myself that when faced with certain foods, I’m not going to be able to resist. Period. So I need to try to keep those days few and far between and make sure to tow the line the rest of the time. And to be honest, it’s not that hard to do this time. I feel better when I’m eating better and exercising. And when I’m in the zone like I am now, I’m not quite sure how I ever got off that path in the first place.

My strategy this time is different. I’m not in a rush to lose and I know it’s a life change. I’ve signed up for triathlons to keep me going to the gym and staying out of the workout rut. And I’m making the changes I know I need to be healthy and strong going forward.

So I’m down 35 pounds. I’m almost halfway there!