Hit the 25 pound mark!

I weighed in on Thursday night (Halloween week and everything) and was pleasantly surprised to see that I’d lost .8 pounds, which was enough to push me over the 25 pounds lost mark. I’m down 25.4 pounds! Yippee Skippee! Halfway to the second of several goals.

My first goal was to hit the 10%. I did that two weeks ago. My second goal is 50 pounds by my 50th birthday, which is in May. And I’m halfway there!

I got this neat little keychain when I got to 10% and then they give you a little silver disk to put on there at 25 pounds. And I’m carrying it around proudly!

I’ve changed my attitude toward losing weight this time. On other diets, I always had unrealistic goals, like 10-12 pounds a month (geez, there were times where I thought I could lose 20 pounds a month). It doesn’t work like that. At least not anymore for me. I’ve consistently lost  about 7 pounds a month on Weight Watchers, I’m not ever hungry and I don’t feel deprived, and after 17 weeks, I’m down 25 pounds. And I’m making changes I can live with for a lifetime.

If you’re thinking of starting, set realistic goals and just go for it. In four months, you can be down 25 pounds too, or even 15 pounds, or you can be where you are now. Whatever we do, time marches on!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Way to go!!!

    Time always marches on, and a small change today can have huge results in the near future.

    1 pound a week is over 50 pounds a year. And you did it in 4 months.


  2. Posted by maggieapril on November 11, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    Congrats on your 25 – nice job! I am working on 75 and have been struggling with the same pound for what seems like weeks now. I am focused, though, and I know we’ll get there!


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