I Am Proud Of My Body

I went walking tonight. 2.5 miles. That’s what I’m up to now. I rarely walk less than that and sometimes I’ll walk 3 miles. I’m doing this after only 10 weeks of walking, starting with a mile at a clip. And I walk 4 to 5 times per week weather and schedule permitting.

I must say, I’m awfully proud of my 49-year-old body. I still have a long way to go to get to my goal weight but the fact that my legs and heart and the rest of me can carry me that 2.5 mile stretch and feel good at the end of it? Well, that’s an accomplishment I am proud of.

I was athletic when I was young, but I can honestly tell you that the last time I exercised this consistently for this long was some 29, 30 years ago when I was a lifeguard, and exercise was a job requirement.

I’m amazed some days that everything still works so well. Yeah, there are the occasional aches and pains (my knees are not always so happy with me) but I’m doing it and I plan to keep doing it and adding more as I go.

Next exercise? Swimming. All those many years ago, I used to swim a half mile a day. I’d like to do that again too.


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