Walking In The Rain

I enjoy walking outside. I’d never go as far as I do if I was trying to do it on a treadmill. So where I live, it was very rainy this weekend, not great for walking long distances. Yesterday morning when I got ready to go though, the rain had stopped and I thought I could get in at least two miles before it started again. I was wrong. I was probably just about as far away from my house as I could be on a two-mile walk when the rain started, and by the time I was three quarters of the way, it was pouring. I tucked my ipod into my shirt and kept going because there was nothing else I could do.

Fortunately for me, I have a good hubby who came looking for me. He picked me up when I had about a quarter of a mile left to go but I was soooo grateful as the rain just got harder and harder. 🙂

Today, I managed a three-mile walk between showers. No need to be rescued. I think I’ve crossed the line to diehard when I’m willing to risk the rain for my walk. But that’s ok. I’ve never felt so good!

Thursdaywas weigh-in day. It was one of those weeks (probably spurring my walking despite the rain this weekend.)

I was down .4. Frustrating when you know you’ve been doing things the right way. But at this point it becomes motivation, and I hope to move that scale a little more this week. And I can’t complain. I’ve lost 17 pounds total, and while I have a ways to go, it’s really starting to show.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi!

    I love walking myself. I don’t have time to do exercise so I walk everytime I can. Glad you’re losing those pounds! I hope I could lose some of mine too. Keep walking!


  2. Hi…I just found your blog and enjoyed reading it. I also walked yesterday, 3+ miles, which is a record of sorts for me. I’m also following WW – so far lost 12.6 lbs. Today is WI, hopefully that’ll change to a higher number. I look forward to sharing this journey with you!


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