Weight Watchers Tracking and Photo Dieting

I’m doing pretty well on Weight Watchers and one of the tools that is really helping me to succeed this time is tracking. I’m religiously writing down everything I put in my mouth, even if it’s something I should not be eating. As I finish up each week, I also date my trackers and put the amount of weight that I lost that week on the front of the tracker. I’ve been paying attention to my fruits and veggies and trying to eat more healthfully than I have in the past. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. I still have days where I manage to stay in points but eat 3 WW ice creams. 🙂

I stumbled across this cool idea on wordpress this morning. Photo dieting….instead of just writing everything down, you take pictures of everything you eat. Talk about accountability. Not quite sure how I would do that at work…but it might be worth a try on the weekend. Imagine, you want a Milky Way but you have to photograph it before you put it in your mouth….

Learn more about Photo Dieting here at healthhabits.

It’s a pretty cool blog. I’ve added it to my blog roll too!

Here’s to getting fit.


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