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Walking In The Rain

I enjoy walking outside. I’d never go as far as I do if I was trying to do it on a treadmill. So where I live, it was very rainy this weekend, not great for walking long distances. Yesterday morning when I got ready to go though, the rain had stopped and I thought I could get in at least two miles before it started again. I was wrong. I was probably just about as far away from my house as I could be on a two-mile walk when the rain started, and by the time I was three quarters of the way, it was pouring. I tucked my ipod into my shirt and kept going because there was nothing else I could do.

Fortunately for me, I have a good hubby who came looking for me. He picked me up when I had about a quarter of a mile left to go but I was soooo grateful as the rain just got harder and harder. 🙂

Today, I managed a three-mile walk between showers. No need to be rescued. I think I’ve crossed the line to diehard when I’m willing to risk the rain for my walk. But that’s ok. I’ve never felt so good!

Thursdaywas weigh-in day. It was one of those weeks (probably spurring my walking despite the rain this weekend.)

I was down .4. Frustrating when you know you’ve been doing things the right way. But at this point it becomes motivation, and I hope to move that scale a little more this week. And I can’t complain. I’ve lost 17 pounds total, and while I have a ways to go, it’s really starting to show.

Weight Watchers Dedication

I weigh in at Weight Watcher’s tonight. And I had a pretty good week. So I just turned down ice cream cake at an office celebration for someone getting married. Now, you don’t know me, but for me, this is HUGE!

It’s a proud moment. And I’ll reward myself with pizza after my weigh-in tonight!

In the Groove…

For Kate and me, Weight Watchers is working! We aren’t losing crazy amounts of weight but we are losing and it’s starting to show.

Kate has lost 10.6 pounds with a pound lost last week and I’m down 14.6 pounds, having dropped .8 of a pound last week. It’s exciting.

The benefits? Our clothes are either fitting better or getting looser. Kate said she loves that she no longer has “muffin top” over her jeans, and I bought a pair of jeans a size smaller.

At my Ladies Who Launch group meeting last week, the other ladies (who hadn’t seen me in about a month) noticed the difference. It’s nice when other people see the difference.

We’re walking 2 miles a day. I’ve had an incredibly stressful week at work and this has been better for me than any drug could be because I’m relieving the stress and doing something good for me too.

I don’t need Zantac for acid reflux anymore. And we’re getting full on a lot less.


At my meeting last week, our leader turned us on to Fiber One cereal. 1/2 cup has 14 grams of fiber and 0 points. I’m sure all you long-term weight watchers out there know about this.

It resembles hamster food but actually it’s got a light sweet taste to it and it’s crunchy. I add it to my Dannon Light & Fit Vanilla yogurt (8 ounces – 1 point) and a cup of strawberries (1 point) for a really filling 2-point snack. Yum.

Weight Watchers Tracking and Photo Dieting

I’m doing pretty well on Weight Watchers and one of the tools that is really helping me to succeed this time is tracking. I’m religiously writing down everything I put in my mouth, even if it’s something I should not be eating. As I finish up each week, I also date my trackers and put the amount of weight that I lost that week on the front of the tracker. I’ve been paying attention to my fruits and veggies and trying to eat more healthfully than I have in the past. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. I still have days where I manage to stay in points but eat 3 WW ice creams. 🙂

I stumbled across this cool idea on wordpress this morning. Photo dieting….instead of just writing everything down, you take pictures of everything you eat. Talk about accountability. Not quite sure how I would do that at work…but it might be worth a try on the weekend. Imagine, you want a Milky Way but you have to photograph it before you put it in your mouth….

Learn more about Photo Dieting here at healthhabits.

It’s a pretty cool blog. I’ve added it to my blog roll too!

Here’s to getting fit.

Better Now…Music To Walk To

My motivation

My motivation

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I’ve started walking with my iPod. It’s added a whole new really fun dimension to my walks and I really look forward to them now. After my walk tomorrow morning, I will have logged 10 miles this week! Before I started this Weight Watchers gig, I don’t think I’d walked 10 miles in 10 months. So I’m really proud of this accomplishment. PROUD MOMENT ALERT!

Tonight I worked two hours of overtime, a thunderstorm was brewing when I got home, and I was starving but I still grabbed my daughter and went walking before the storm. It made us walk a little faster…. 🙂

But I digress. When I walk by myself, which I love, I now take along my iPod and listen to upbeat music that keeps me moving along at a good pace and working up a sweat. My favorite walking song for either starting out or when I need that pick me up toward the end is a great song from Collective Soul called “Better Now.” Not only does it have the perfect walking beat (hard not to dance just a little), it has the best lyrics for those of us waging the weight loss battle:

Oh I’m newly calibrated
All shiny and clean
I’m your recent adaptation
Time to redefine me

Let the word out I’ve got to get out
Oh I’m feeling better now
Break the news out I’ve got to get out
Oh I’m feeling better now

Oh I’m happy as Christmas
All wrapped to be seen
I’m your recent acquisition
Time to celebrate me

Let the word out I’ve got to get out
Oh I’m feeling better now
Break the news out I’ve got to get out
Oh I’m feeling better now

The world’s done shaking
The world’s done shaking
The world’s done shaking me down

You can download it at iTunes. Or even listen just a little. I’m sure you’ll be adding it to your walking music too.

Tomorrow night is weigh-in night for me and Kate. Even if I don’t lose, I still walked 10 miles this week!