My 2-mile triumph

I just came back from walking. And today I walked 2.1 miles. Six weeks ago I started weight watchers. I’ve lost 12 pounds.

Five weeks ago, I started walking again. The purpose of this blog in the first place was to be accountable while I got fit before my 50th birthday. I started and stopped, just like I had started and stopped the walking and eating healthy…so many times.

But now, with the help of weight watchers, I feel like I’ve found my zone. And I make sure I go walking. I started walking a mile five weeks ago. Kicked it up to 1.5 miles for a couple of weeks with slightly more mileage at times. I throw on my iPod with rockin music and I walk hard.

I wasn’t so sure about the two miles because after 1.5, I feel it. But today, I made it the full two miles. It was easier than I thought. And now I feel strong.

And to think I almost didn’t get out there at all today. It was raining this morning when I usually walk. I’m taking a day off from my side business and everything else today (the beauty of the three-day weekend) and I was lounging on the couch watching TV when I decided, “Nope, the sun came out. Let me get my sneakers on and get out there.” I’m so glad I did!

And when I feel like I feel right now, after the walk, I wonder why it is that I ever stopped!

I lost a pound this week at WW and Kate, my daughter lost a pound too.

Our totals:

Mom: 12, Kate 9.8



One response to this post.

  1. Nice to see You are on good track 🙂

    I’ve also made public blog to keep myself motivated. I have started with some ‘fit’ challenges, but I aim in more wide target of self improvement – using 30 day trials – my progress can be viewed on http://30-day-trial-com/.

    What I can suggest to You is to look at C25K program (Couch to 5K) . It has great tips how to get to run 5 km everyday. And it can lead to awesome results – check out this guy, Andrew from New Zealand.

    Anyway – I wish You luck with Your quest!


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