Broke the 10-pound mark on Weight Watchers – WooHoo!

Walking Helped My Numbers on the scale go down!

Walking Helped My Numbers on the scale go down!

My daughter and I had weigh-in tonight for Weight Watchers. Last week, I vowed to kick that .6 gain to the curb and boy did I… the .6 gain and a couple of its cousins. I had a 3.4 pound weight loss this week bringing my total to 11 pounds.

My daughter (she’s 22) has lost another 1.4 pounds too, bringing her total to 8.8 pounds.

We’re very excited for ourselves and each other.

All this, and we’re eating the things we love and really having fun. After weigh-in tonight, Kate had Taco Bell and I had a huge piece of Sicilian pizza. We’re learning that we can still have whatever we want as long as we manage the rest our food intake carefully.

I watch all these Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem commercials and while that may work for some, I’m not a huge fan of being tied to such food limitations. For us, yes, eating healthy requires a food routine, but being able to decide to have a burger (made on the grill with cheese and sauteed mushrooms–and not on the microwave) or a sandwich instead of a frozen meal is so worth the time it takes to jot it down in my little book.

Weight Watchers is teaching me to exercise control over what I put in my mouth. And when I’ve lost the weight, I will have a whole new set of healthy eating habits so I can maintain my weight loss.

On those other plans, what happens when I stop eating their foods?

So what tipped the scales in my favor tonight? In addition to really staying in program this week, I walked five times! Threw on myiPod and went. Not only did it show on the scale, I feel great! Although I wished I could have danced down the block on a couple of songs.


Kate’s boyfriend and one of her other good friends commented on how good she’s looking these days. And she can now wear a pair of shorts that were too tight 6 weeks ago.

I just bought a skirt a size smaller than I was 6 weeks ago. And it was on sale to boot. How cool is that?


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Shannon on August 22, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    I’m a personal trainer and like to say Congrats on the weight loss success. Just make sure you really learn to eat for life. Alot of people never learn how to eat as the’yre losing weight. A reason why most gain it all back. I have a blog at :”


  2. Posted by stressedspelledbackwards on September 8, 2008 at 8:30 pm

    Hey I’m on 8.8 pounds too and I am DYING to get to the 10 pounds mark. Hopefully this week’s weigh-in will show me what I want to see =)


  3. stressedspelledbackwards, I hope you make your 10-pound mark this week! Keep me posted.


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