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My 2-mile triumph

I just came back from walking. And today I walked 2.1 miles. Six weeks ago I started weight watchers. I’ve lost 12 pounds.

Five weeks ago, I started walking again. The purpose of this blog in the first place was to be accountable while I got fit before my 50th birthday. I started and stopped, just like I had started and stopped the walking and eating healthy…so many times.

But now, with the help of weight watchers, I feel like I’ve found my zone. And I make sure I go walking. I started walking a mile five weeks ago. Kicked it up to 1.5 miles for a couple of weeks with slightly more mileage at times. I throw on my iPod with rockin music and I walk hard.

I wasn’t so sure about the two miles because after 1.5, I feel it. But today, I made it the full two miles. It was easier than I thought. And now I feel strong.

And to think I almost didn’t get out there at all today. It was raining this morning when I usually walk. I’m taking a day off from my side business and everything else today (the beauty of the three-day weekend) and I was lounging on the couch watching TV when I decided, “Nope, the sun came out. Let me get my sneakers on and get out there.” I’m so glad I did!

And when I feel like I feel right now, after the walk, I wonder why it is that I ever stopped!

I lost a pound this week at WW and Kate, my daughter lost a pound too.

Our totals:

Mom: 12, Kate 9.8


Broke the 10-pound mark on Weight Watchers – WooHoo!

Walking Helped My Numbers on the scale go down!

Walking Helped My Numbers on the scale go down!

My daughter and I had weigh-in tonight for Weight Watchers. Last week, I vowed to kick that .6 gain to the curb and boy did I… the .6 gain and a couple of its cousins. I had a 3.4 pound weight loss this week bringing my total to 11 pounds.

My daughter (she’s 22) has lost another 1.4 pounds too, bringing her total to 8.8 pounds.

We’re very excited for ourselves and each other.

All this, and we’re eating the things we love and really having fun. After weigh-in tonight, Kate had Taco Bell and I had a huge piece of Sicilian pizza. We’re learning that we can still have whatever we want as long as we manage the rest our food intake carefully.

I watch all these Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem commercials and while that may work for some, I’m not a huge fan of being tied to such food limitations. For us, yes, eating healthy requires a food routine, but being able to decide to have a burger (made on the grill with cheese and sauteed mushrooms–and not on the microwave) or a sandwich instead of a frozen meal is so worth the time it takes to jot it down in my little book.

Weight Watchers is teaching me to exercise control over what I put in my mouth. And when I’ve lost the weight, I will have a whole new set of healthy eating habits so I can maintain my weight loss.

On those other plans, what happens when I stop eating their foods?

So what tipped the scales in my favor tonight? In addition to really staying in program this week, I walked five times! Threw on myiPod and went. Not only did it show on the scale, I feel great! Although I wished I could have danced down the block on a couple of songs.


Kate’s boyfriend and one of her other good friends commented on how good she’s looking these days. And she can now wear a pair of shorts that were too tight 6 weeks ago.

I just bought a skirt a size smaller than I was 6 weeks ago. And it was on sale to boot. How cool is that?

Proud Moments on the Weight Loss, Getting Healthy Journey

Since this Weight Watcher’s journey will be a long one for me this time, I’ve decided to add a category to my blog called “Proud Moments.” Because really, isn’t getting healthy about the little changes we make and the little triumphs we experience along the way and how great those make us feel?

Something I’m trying to do differently this time around is to applaud myself for the good choices I do make and those results, and not beat myself up when there are setbacks. It’s a lifelong journey after all, and I’ve found that nothing in life every truly goes smoothly.

I have been working very hard to block out that little negative voice that pops up in my head and tries to throw me off track. Instead, I’m vowing to keep a positive internal dialogue on this weight loss journey.

That said, PROUD MOMENT FOR TODAY: When I got dressed for work this morningmy pants, which were right out of the dryer, were loose! Right out of the dryer!! Everything has been fitting better, but these were loose! YAY!

Please feel free to add your proud moments too!

Staying on Weight Watchers and Gaining… :(

The enemy?

The enemy?

Thursday night is my Weight Watchers weigh-in night. And this week, I was not a happy camper. I was up .6 lbs. I know, all you veteran weight watchers out there are saying “Big deal.” But for me it was a big deal. I had a tough Saturday (lobster bake thing) but the rest of the week I was a model Weight Watcher. Stayed in points; some days I even gave points back to make up for the Saturday, and made sure I ate healthy, stayed away from too much salt, etc. I went walking a couple of times this week too.

Still a gain. Intellectually I know this happens, and I should be ok with it. “That time of the month…” “Water weight gain…” etc. But emotionally, it made me want to throw in the towel and eat a brownie sundae. I didn’t though.

Instead, I thought about all of things that have already changed because I have been on Weight Watchers for a month.

  • My clothes are just a little bit looser.
  • I don’t need as much Zantac anymore because my acid reflux has virtually disappeared.
  • I have more energy
  • I’m more focused
  • I’m proud of myself that I have gained control over my eating
  • I got a compliment from a coworker the other day and that felt really good.

So, I’m staying on program again this week (no big food events this weekend thank goodness) and I’m hoping for the best next week. In the meantime, I’ll continue to be grateful for the good things I’ve gained from being a Weight Watcher and I’ll let go of the .6 pound gain. After all, I’m still 7.6 pounds lighter than I was when I started.

Vacation Survival Tips from Weight Watchers

Wow, two posts in one day…. although this one is more of a follow up to my earlier post.

My sister just sent me this link with WW lifestyle tips when on vacation.  For those of you Weight Watchers out there getting ready to face the summer vacation challenge, here you go!

Weight Watcher’s Weekend Challenges and Triumphs

I feel like I’m fixated on weekends in this blog… but for me those seem to be the toughest days to stay on track. Through the week, I’m at work and I’m on a schedule and have pretty much settled into a food schedule as well. But the weekends….

Last weekend I spent 30 hours in a car over four days…kinda tricky to stay on track, and while I didn’t have perfect days, I did better than expected.

This weekend….yikes….was even tougher. I went to a bar/concert on Friday night (the sister I went to see the weekend before was in town and we went out with another brother (I have four brothers and a sister). There was lots of alcohol and six-foot sandwiches (one of my favorites). But I did ok. I stayed away from the sandwich and had a couple of drinks, which I planned for and kept in points.

Last minute though on Saturday, I was invited to a lobster bake down at my brother’s beach club. This is where the real challenge was. I LOVE lobster, but I love it with butter. And corn on the cob, yum.

And even worse, my sister-in-law put noshes on the table to start the festivities. Cashews,  pretzels, cheesy dip and grapes. All in all, more or less healthy foods, but foods that are easy to abuse. I learned something about myself on Saturday.

I can’t get started on the noshes. I can’t stop, no matter how focused I am on my WW goals. I tried to stick to grapes…but those cashews and were calling to me (good fat, right?) and the pretzels with cheesy dip. Another weight watcher I know calls these abuse foods (the ones you just can’t control).

So I ate…. noshes, lobster with butter, lobster bisque (but only a half cup), corn on the cob…

There were successes too. One  was a really, really big one. Knowing I had gone way over points already, I didn’t have dessert and there was homemade cake. And three people asked me if I’d like a piece. I said “no thank you” three times and I really wanted to say “oh yes please….I’ll take the whole thing!” I rewarded myself when I got home that night with a 1-point weight watcher’s fudge bar. Along with my 3-point sandwich, these are a lifesaver for me.

And then I tracked my points and figured out what damage I’d done (and I chose to err on the side of caution, assuming I ate more), and it still wasn’t as horrible as I first thought. On Sunday, I got right back on program.

Fingers crossed, staying on plan all week, I’ll still show a loss. And if not, I won’t be disappointed because I know I’m still doing better by my body than I was before. I’ll be 50 in May. I have a big goal to achieve by then.

Now, I just have to get on the exercise schedule!

Managing A Travel Fast Food Weekend On Weight Watchers – Update

I lost 2 pounds this week! Woo hoo! Better than I expected and a total of 8.2 pounds in 3 weeks. I’m loving this….

And if you read my post last week, you know I was nervous about this week. I drove from NY to Virginia on Friday, picked up my sister and went to North Carolina on Saturday to see my brother in an opera Saturday night, drove back to Virginia on Sunday and back to NY on Monday.

Friday was a breeze. I brought a cooler and packed all of my healthy choice food. It also took me 9.5 hours to get there so it was late when I got in and we had Chinese food (chicken and broccoli for me…the healthiest choice I could think of) and a light beer. Needed that after sitting in traffic. I stayed in points.

Saturday wasn’t too bad, until we got to North Carolina. I was proud of myself. I stayed away from junk food at the rest stops. Dinner was a little tougher. We didn’t have much time before the show so we went to a sandwich place, had paninis and potato chips. But even here, I tried to make a healthy choice (although I did eat the chips) and when I was full, I gave my brother the second half of my sandwich. And of course, after the show, we celebrated with him with a few drinks.

Sunday was a little tougher. McDonald’s for breakfast, Wendy’s for lunch and the rest stops were more tempting… Still I made better choices than I would have if I hadn’t been on Weight Watchers. I had just an Egg McMuffin for breakfast (and a banana that I had snagged at the hotel), a junior cheeseburger for lunch (no fries, no Frosty), and at the rest stop, I opted for a Musketeer bar, which I’d been jonesing for since we left the morning before. A normal dinner, another after-travel drink….

Monday I was able to stay in points again on the way back to NY.

So I used most of my weekly points in addition to my daily points. But, on the advice of my sister, who is a lifelong Weight Watcher, I skimmed some points from Tuesday and Wednesday (not too many) to try to make up some of the extra I ate on the weekend.

And voila! Success. With 30 hours in a car.

Daughter update: She’s lost 6 pounds. And she’ll reach goal way before I do.